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The first two years...

Recent updates
Updates from the third year

4 March 2004: Added "the future tense," "the future perfect tense," "the pluperfect tense" and a lot in "perfect tense" to the French Grammar page.

3 March 2004 (happy birthday bEn!): Added "Indefinite adjectives and pronouns," "Irregular verbs: avoir," "Ítre" and "aller and faire" to the French Grammar page.

2 March 2004: Added "Sherman Alexie" to the general documents section. Made a couple minor corrections to the "Intermediate-high 'final review" in the german section. Added "Adverbs" and "Comparisons" to the French Grammar page.

1 March 2004: Did well on my german final, I think, although I'm really glad I worked so much on that review... the test was hard. Not surprising with Frau Greene, though, so whatever. Added a page on Joy Harjo and "Sentence Patterns" to the general documents section.

29 February 2004 (happy leap day!): Added "depuis, il y a, and venir," "il est and c'est," "complex prepositions," and "demonstrative adjectives" to the french grammar page.

28 February 2004: Finished the "Intermediate-high 'final' review" for the german section. Did a lot of formatting of index pages in the languages section. Added "the conditional," "the conditional perfect," "conjunctions" and "fractions and decimals" to the french grammar page.

27 February 2004: Added a lot more to the "Intermediate-high 'final' review" in the german section.

26 February 2004: Added some external links in places, mostly just to make my bookmarks menu a more tolerable length. Added "possessive pronouns," "object pronouns," "the imperative," "the perfect tense" and "the past historic tense" to the french grammar page. Went back and put in accents (hadn't been yesterday and ubergestern, since my editor's a retard and has to use different charachters). Began the "Intermediate-high 'final' review" in the german section.

25 February 2004: Added "posessive adjectives," "the verb" and "emphatic pronouns" sections to the French Grammar page.

24 February 2004: One month 'till my birthday! Added a French Grammar page, and did "the partitive article" and "simple prepositions" on it.

21 February 2004: Converted "Do Me a Favor," "Conversion of the Tomboy" and "Never Again" to html for the writing page.

19 February 2004: Added a page on the beginnings of the Roman Empire to the General Documents section, brushed up a couple pieces in the writing section, and linked/converted to html "Under the Oak" and "Without Hope."

18 February 2004: Added "Crusades" and "Middle Ages, etc" to General Documents section, made some mods in the foreign language section.

16 February 2004: Well, I didn't update for Friday the Thirteenth or Valentine's day, so happy those anyway. ^^;;;. Today I've added "Renaissance Intellectual Traditions" to the General Documents section, and a lot to the uniqueness/music section... three of my old songs that I'm going to redo and their lyrics ("Bittersweet," "Never Forever" and "Growing Pains"), and descriptions of my works in progress. Updated a lot in eekahii, too; new verbs, nouns mostly.

12 February 2004: Added "Renaissance - State and Church" to the General Documents section.

11 February 2004: Added a physics page to Sciences section, and "Useful Phrases" to the German section. Made a subfolder for pages from mrs tran's class in the General section, considering I already had 7 documents in it, and there's at least that many more coming. Added "The Reformation" to General documents.

9 February 2004: Added some quiz results, reuploaded some of the site... haven't since ... uhh, the 29th.

3 February 2004: Added "Chinese Philosophers" to the General Documents section.

2 February 2004: Added "Chinese Dynasties" to the General Documents section.

1 February: Added "Ancient India," "Buddhism Vocabulary" and "Empire India" pages to the General Documents section.

31 January: Made a latin idioms page.

30 January 2004: Finished the idioms pages in the Italian and Spanish sections [well, for now ^^;;;], and the "Gender" page in the German section. Added a "Valentine's Day Phrases" page to the German section.

29 January 2004: Added a page on "Dative Verbs" and began one on "Gender" to the german section.

28 January 2004: Added more to the "India's Heroic Age" page in the General Documents section. Did a rehaul of the website, since I did so much in so many parts yesterday ^^;;;. Added some notes on "China's Forbidden City" to the General Documents section. Put some random facts on the index page of the Literature and Mythology section, and added Shakespeare's Sonnet 61. Added "Command Form/Imperatives," "Reflexive Pronouns and Verbs" and "Adverbial Sentence Connectors and Transitions" to the German section. Fixed up the Italian section [so the only still-messy section in languages is french]. Added my "Joe Nucleotide" essay and more to the "life's history" page to the Sciences section.

27 January 2004: Did a lot in the german section, fixing all the links/formatting, and adding a section on conjunctions [hey, that section took a long time!), and a page on adverbial sentence connectors and transitions, and Gartentag [a poem]. Added "Neolithic Revolution and Cultural Constants," "China," "Martial Arts" and "India's Heroic Age" to the General Documents section. Started putting together a "myths" quiz-kinda thing, and a "humanity's ancestry" page in the Sciences section.

26 January 2004: Made the "consonants and vowels" page [well, made it usable, at least... it's been sitting around in a crummy stage for a while, but I didn't link it] in the Eekahii section.

24 January 2004: Added Wife of Bath's and Franklin's Tales, Chaucer's Tale of Meliboeus, and Preces de Chauceres to Canterbury Tales section. Canterbury Tales complete! *throws par-tay* Started redoing links, headers and other formatting-type stuff in the languages section; finished off Latin and Spanish.

22 January 2004: Added a list of compounds that form the troposphere by percentage to the "elemental abundances" page. Did I say I'd started that yet? o.O Yea, started that page in the past few days. Reuploaded the whole site, since I haven't been keeping up with that, despite having the kickass ducky-ftp thing. Owell.

21 January: Added "Rime of the Ancyent Marinere" to Literature section.

18 January: Began "Ice Ages" bit in Sciences. Even sketchier/more badly organized than "Life's History," and that's saying something O:-) owell, at least they both have more content than the "Geologic Time" page, even though that one's pretty well organized.

17 January 2004: Transferred over/did hella lotta formatting on my old "references" page, from the depression project. Surprisingly, only two of the links [out of probably twenty] were dead, and this is from two years ago! ...I haven't reuploaded stuff since ... well, last year ^_^ yea, christmas was apparently the last time I uploaded anything O:-). Maybe I'll just do another complete overhaul on monday or so. Added "The American Scholar" and "American Transcedentalism" to the "General" section.

16 January 2004: Began a very sketchy version of the "Life's History" page [ie, at the moment it's probably incomprehensible to anyone aside from myself O:-)].

14 January 2004: Added a link to the Science index [about clouds ^____^], and to "Fun Stuff" [making fun of shrubby].

10 January 2004: Worked on the "Geologic Time" page some more.

9 January 2004: Added a quote from Rutherford to the Science Index and did some other formatting on that page, and began the "Geology Time" [in the Sciences section] page.

8 January 2004: Worked on the Eekahii section; linked and cleaned up the "verbs," "root verbs" and "formal eekahii" pages, and made "prepositions" a seperate page. And just in case you care, I saw April today, one of my students from the "Summer Technology Institute" or whatever it was they called the thing I worked at over the summer; the thing that finally got me working on the site again?

4 January 2004: Added "Things I want to do... eventually" to About Me section.

1 January 2004 [Happy New Year!]: Added Life of Chaucer, and the Miller's, Shipman's, Second Nun's and Sompnour's Tales to the Canterbury Tales section.

25 December 2003 [Merry Christmas!]: Added lyrics for "Senior Prom," and the Canon's Yeoman's Tale. Changed the index page a bit, including putting up the "tAng's web" banner that seAn'd made for my old site... haha, I think I'm giving up on doing any actual design for a while. I haven't gone to webclub once this year... O:-) granted, I've gotten more done on the site than I did all last year, when I actually did go on a moderately regular basis.

23 December 2003: Added Manciple's and Knight's Tales, Chaucer's Tale of Sir Thopas, and the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales section.

21 December 2003: Gave up on the mp3 for now, after realizing that won't let unpaid accounts host them.

20 December 2003: Finally found a free ftp-server-thiggy for mac! ...and to make things even better, it's called "cyberduck" and its icon is a rubber ducky! *is happy* ::rubber ducky song from sesame street played here:: So hopefully I'll be reuploading the actual online site more often than I have been. Umm, yea, reuploaded everything on the online mirror of my website. Fixed Broken Song's lyrics, and added a [bad/melody-assistant kinda] mp3 of its beginning, and the lyrics to Stand on Nothing. Put a link to my deadjournal from the "about me" page.

19 December 2003: Did some minor tweakings (adding line breaks and such).

16 December 2003: Put up lyrics to Broken Song. And then decided I really should be doing homework. O:-)

15 December 2003: Started making a section to put up my music ^_^.

12 December 2003: Added Man of Law's Tale to Canterbury Tales. I really need to find some other literary works to put up on the site, lol. Some other content for that matter... adding to the same section over and over again's getting kinda old. ^^;;; But hey, there's a DDR competition tomorrow, so it's all good, right? *blink*

30 November 2003: Added Nun's Priest's and Clerk's Tales to Canterbury tales, and a link to Toothpaste for Dinner on the Fun Stuff index.

29 November 2003: Finished all the links in the "Fun Stuff" section. Woo! So now the Hawai'ian, Science and Fun Stuff sections are all nice, and actually have content and such. Actually, the only section that really needs help is the language section; the other sections are nice and neat and stuff, they're just somewhat lacking in content >.o Also worked some on the writing (formatted and linked "Law of the Lot") and eekahii (formatted and linked "General Stuff" "Root Nouns" and "Nouns") sections of mah site. Oh, I guess those two sections both have plenty of content, I just have very little of it up.

27 November[Happy Thanksgiving!]: Added Squire's and Prioress's Tales to Canterbury Tales.

19 November: Started a "Generally Informative Stuff" section (ie, putting cool documents that I got in various classes online), which currently consists of several things from Mr Velto's class ("Brown Man's Burden," Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points, Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence, and "White Man's Burden").

17 November 2003: Added "What kids think love is" to the reading part of the fun stuff section, and added the Merchant's and Monk's Tales to the Canterbury Tales. Reuploaded stuff.

16 November 2003: Working more on the Canterbury Tales section (did the Prologue, Doctor's, Friar's Pardoner's, Parson's, and Reeve's Tales). Added a Japanese printout to the language section.

14 November 2003: Began adding a "Religion/culture and sexuality" section [whoo!].

13 November 2003: Added "New elements: Wo and Xy" and "Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!" to the Funstuff/reading section

16 October 2003: Worked on Canterbury Tales a bit (basically, made the Cook's Tale into its own page, and that was about it), followed links around to make sure they were in working order, and uploaded most of what I have so far up to a new site, hosted on; it looks like it might work pretty well. Getting acquainted with FTP, in the process of trying to get this site based on my computer all over to their servers. ^_^

28 September 2003: Finished reformatting the "vegetarian" page in the langauges section and started the "about me lists." Wrote "Rant #1" in the About Me section, about my religious/spiritual beliefs. Began a section for literature, which will include links to literature in the languages section (that I hope to do side-by-side texts, in English and in the original language, in), as well as English literature... started with the Canterbury tales, and I'm trying to locate a good source for the Latin version of Ovid's Metamorpheses (which will be based in the Latin section, obviously); I don't know what other literature and mythology I'll put in there, other than the Hawai'ian mythology I already have. Maybe I'll also pick a type of story, like flood stories, to collect from a bunch of different cultures. That's one we beat to death in lit class last year ^_^ so I might already have a good start on those.

7 September 2003: Cleaned up the rest of the Sciences pages. Whee, now I have two sections that are completely done, waiting patiently for design or more content. Decided not to bother with a celtic portion of the site, after noting the glut in yahoo's archives of celtic stuff already. Made an index for writing and started making html versions of stuff I've written.

6 September 2003: Added listing of deities of the group... and returned the book I've been using for all the Hawai'ian stuff, so I probably won't be working on that part of the site for a while (whee! I might actually work on other stuff, now!). It's completely functional, though - I just checked all the links and stuff. Nothing to be done to it until I start doing design... ^_^ can't even approach saying that about *ahem* other parts of the site O:-). Started redoing pages in the Sciences section.

5 September 2003: Finished Part III of "The Iron Knife," copied Part IV.

31 August 2003: Began Part III of "The Iron Knife."

30 August 2003: Finally finished Part II of "The Iron Knife" ^_^. Added listing of Hawai'ian sovereigns.

29 August 2003: Worked even more on Part II of "The Iron Knife." I'm not getting very far very fast, am I? *laughs* wonders of school starting up again. Don't have entire days free to just do stuff I want to do. Hey, at least I am trying to work on it, unlike last year O:-).

25 August 2003: Worked more on Part II of "The Iron Knife."

20 August 2003: Began Part II of "The Iron Knife."

18 August 2003: Copied Part I of "The Iron Knife."

12 August 2003: Finished Part II of "Lono and Kaikilani" and copied Part III.

11 August 2003: Finished Part I of "Lono and Kaikilani," started Part II.

10 August 2003: Figured out how to do links up a folder ^_^ I feel intelligent, I was misinterpreting what the book said. So adding in those, and starting another Hawai'ian story today, "Lono and Kaikilani." Did to home links in Hawai'ian section, and roughly half of part one of "Lono and Kaikilani."

6 August 2003: Finished Part IV of "Hina."

5 August 2003: Worked more on Part IV of "Hina."

4 August 2003: Copied Part III and part of Part IV of "Hina," and added links from pages back to indexes within the folders (can't figure out how to get links to go up a folder... and my HTML reference's suggestion doesn't work... grr).

2 & 3 August 2003: Finished copying Part II of "Hina."

1 August 2003: Copied Part I of "Hina" and started Part II, and made an index page for the hawai'ian section.

31 July 2003: Once again, as I work on the website I forget to note what I've done (that and I don't really care that much, so sorry if you do). I think all I've done in the past few days is add knitting patterns (a scottie, a rabbit, a pig and piglet, and a bear) and stuff to the eekahii section. Made a new index page for the site, and one for the sciences subfolder (already had ones for funstuff and languages, but hawai'ian and celtic currently don't have any content, and uniqueness is too disorganized, so I didn't bother with them... excuses, excuses, I know, but there it is anyway). Trying to go through and make pages look less childlike, and remove annoying coding that geocities has added, that I have or intend to shift over from the old site (and that is quite a task).

20-26 July 2003: Worked off and on on stuff, such as adapting pages from the old website to the new one (trashing some old ones, dividing some up, taking out bad formatting/coloring that i'd done earlier, deleting annoying codes that geocities had stuck in... stuff of that nature), adding to the foreign languages pages, and working on the eekahii section (ie, adding nouns, more verbs)

19 July 2003: Worked on eekahii verbs some more.

17 & 18 July 2003: Scanned in some pictures for the "About me" section.

15 July 2003: Working on an eekahii site (did "consonants," started "verbs")

12 July 2003: I've decided I'm completely redoing the site. Meaning I'm gonna move it somewhere else; I hate geocities. Until I find somewhere else to put it, it's just gonna be on my computer, and noone else will be able to look at it :-p HAHA! ... granted, I can't make any images until school starts back. But I can at least work on some halfway decent content until then x.X

11 July 2003: Had to redo the second French Quiz that I added yesterday, because it wasn't working right. Also added an Italian folder, and the first italian quiz.

10 July 2003: I've decided that there's just about no hope for this site, as I've been staring at the computer, wondering what to do while I'm "helping" with this Tech Camp thing, and absolutely nothing's happened to it. (added later in the day:) Actually, guess what? I did add stuff today. Two quizzes for section five of French at! ^_^ I'm considering moving the languages section of my web to a seperate site, and making "CCLA" more of an actual... thing. This would involve actually getting padre to help me set up the static address and stuff... but whatever. Lol.

22 January 2003: Um. I've been doing random stuph over the past month, mostly during webclub, and I haven't bothered to update this thing to tell you what I've done. Mostly just make images to make my site look halfway decent, and change over the colors of pages, stuff like that.

22 December 2002: Put main index back up... ok, I've done almost nothing since I last updated this updates page, except add some quiz results to freetyme, and post junk in w2j. How exciting.... lol.

10 August 2002: Worked on superstring page and worked on those foreign languages quizzes sum more

July/first week of August: Did random stuff (helpful, neyh?)

25 June 2002: Changed index page so random bumblerz cant find their way around, finished NADA quiz, started "W2J" page (if you cant find it and read it, dont ask)

13 June 2002: Started French Nouns, Articles and Demonstrative Ad... somethingz Quiz

12 June 2002: Made French Basic Words 3 Quiz

11 June 2002: Finished Italian Idioms, quotes, messed around with colors and such, played with javascript (scrolling thing and quizzes), beginning to make quizzes in language section (completed French Basic Words 1 & 2), created yahoo group for CCLA

10 June 2002: Italian Idioms, freetyme

9 June 2002: Finished french idioms page, started italian idioms page

8 June 2002: Created "Freetyme" subdomain and worked on stuffs in there, as well as idioms

7 June 2002: putting up spanish and french idioms pages, got a new banner (thanx seAn!), added some quotes

6 June 2002: worked on german stuff, added calc ab & bc "bibles" (download from calculus page)

3 June 2002: I've just been randomly poking around on this site for the past coupla weeks, never reli getting much done any one day (and forgetting to update this!). But I kno i've messed w/ the trips stuff (added "sophmore summer" and consolidated trips into one big happy page), fixed the frames so the bottom one shows up, added links (i mean, thats just automaticalli assumed, no?), and... um... well, I did other stuff i just can't remember... *laughz*.
Today, I inversed the order of this thing, and worked on foreign language (i'm going to work on putting together a full-fledged german tutorial! now lesse how far that gets, eh? *chucklez*)

15 May 2002: More links... hey, its easier than actually doing stuff myself! Ill probably work more on the site over the summer, skoolz fryin my brain right about now so free tyme (other than @ skool and doing hw) spent doing stuffs like playing tank, sleeping, IMing and sleeping sum more. ^_~
Okay, then later on in the day kiWi posts her new site so I look at it and that is a motivator to work on myne some more. Moved quotes page to geocities and added a boatload of them. Wrote off forum for sometime in the distant future when I actualli kno how to do advanced stuffs like that.

8 May 2002: Added external links

6 May 2002: Started piecing together a forum.

2 May 2002: Put up "German Phrases" site off Languages

1 May 2002: Worked on Languages webpage, added some links.

20-26 April 2002: Did a lot of stuffs that I forgot to note while working and now forgot what they were exactly :o>

20 April 2002: Messed with frames some more, redid other pages to work with frames, started changing emails (now im, worked on CCLA stuff

19 April 2002: Added holidays to holiday page, added external links, added stuff to superstrings & mtheory page, finally figured out frames and started sticking them up

8 April 2002: Added some external links

16 March 2002: Worked on latin and calculus pages, superstring page, added external links and "recommendation system" for links suggested by others. Added alter egos page.

13 March 2002: Put up tempus vernum page. Worked on stored stuff. Put up banners.

10-12 March 2002: Added internal links, worked on latin page.

8 March 2002: Just general spritzing up of the site, adding stuff, cleaning up stuff, fixing & adding links, put up holidays page.

9 March 2002: Added some outside links, put up superstrings and mtheory site, worked on latin and calculus pages.

7 March 2002: More shifting around Expage stuff, added subdirectories. Worked on Latin site. Added outside links. Put up calculus, AIM and proofs pages.

6 March 2002: Continued with minor tweakings and figuring out HTML stuff, like making tables. Copied my IBP site over to geocities.

5 March 2002: First put site up; put up some minor links and reconstructed links from Expage sites.