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The third year...

Recent updates

3 March 2005 (Happy Birthday bEn!): Added "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and "Ulysses" to literature.

2 March: Added "Naming of Parts" and "God, a Poem" to literature, several links to Chinese, and a couple pages on verbs in present tense to Advanced German.

26 February 2005!!: Added 4p3 and 4p4 to German In Review.

25 Feb: Updated "Post-WWII," a file in the General Doc's section, added "Greek Mathematics," "Greek Math Notes" and "Nutrition" to the Sciences section.

22 Feb: High School Relationships to funstuff/read, Hamlet's Midsummer to uniqueness/writing.

16 Feb: 28 January to Staggers, 3, 4, 5, 6 December 2002 to SOI mirror, more HoS notes.
15 Feb: Added 25 and 27 January to Staggers.
13 Feb: Added some stuff to the "History of Sex" Notes.
12 Feb: Worked on "yongqi" some more.

11 Feb: Added 2, 5 Nov to Staggers, and added a crapload more external links. Finally started reuploading the site x.x. Damn, I never should've let myself do that. The site's so big now that FTPing the whole thing up is a complete PAIN IN THE ---. Yeh, so I'm going to try to stay on top of it from now on [heh]. Started "yongqi" in the Chinese section.

7 February 2005!!: Added a crapload of external links throughout the website, and Chapter 15 to In Review, and worked a bit more on Ningxia [I have translations for all words in the song, as well as a full English translation of the song. I just want to clean it up and add some additional vocabulary]. I think I'm finally gonna reupload soon [...haven't since mid-December... *hide*].

6 Feb: Started a Chinese section, with "Ningxia." Added Ch4 Level Two to In Review.

5 Feb: Added 13 Jan to the Staggers section.
4 Feb: Added 21, 18, 14 Jan to the Staggers section, and Ch3 Level Two to German in Review. Kimi just left yesterday, so hopefully I'll have more time now to update again ^^;;; [although I miss her *sniff*].

31 January 2005!!: Finished Ch4 Level One of In Review [started it like, Friday... x.x haven't had any free time this weekend... hosting a chinese exchange student - which is cool, but absolutely exhausting].

24 January: I got 197 hits today o.OOO. Anyway, added 24 January to the Staggers section.

23 Jan: Added "Cream Cheese Chronicles," Parts One and Two to the uniqueness/drawing section. :D These were fun. Also added a conversation to the "Making Babies" drawing, and did some formatting to the whole section.

22 Jan: Added Ch2 Level Three to In Review, "Science Misconceptions" to Sciences, and 2 December 2002 to the SOI mirror.

16 Jan: Added Chapter Seven to In Review and a bunch of notes to the "History of Sex" page.
15 January 2005!!: Added Ch3 Level One and Ch2 Level Two to German in Review. Some general clean-up, most notably Japanese honorifics page. Added "Senior Page" to the About Me section, and started a page of notes out of History of Sex.

14 Jan: Added "Strong and Irregular Verbs" to In Review.
13 January 2005!!: Added Ch10 Level Two and Ch2 Level One to German in Review.

12 Jan: Added Chapter 14 and Ch10 Level One to German in Review, and "Kimono" to the cultures/japan section.

9 Jan: Added more vocabulary to the Japanese glossary (from "Geisha"), and moved the page to the languages/japanese section [it'd been in cultures/japan]
8 January 2005!!: Added 14 December to staggers.
7 January 2005!!: Made the index for December 2002 and added 1 December to the SOI mirror. Added 7 January, 19 and 26/28 October, and 15 December to the Staggers section.

5 January 2005!!: Added a handout about theme to the SF section.
4 January 2005!!: Added "Revision Challenge" and the Interior Monologue assignment sheet to the writing/sf section.

3 January 2005!!: It's my graduation year! *does dance* Anyway, added another chunk to Ch5Lvl2 since I forgot like three pages originally (::halo::), and Chapter Six to the In Review section.

31 December 2004 (New Year's Eve!): Added Chapter Five Level Two to In Review.

30 Dec: Added Anxious Object and Dramatic Monologue assignment sheets, and Points of View handout to sudden fiction, as well as Chapter Five, Level One to German in Review.

29 Dec: Added Chapter Nine and Chapter Thirteen, Levels One and Two to German in Review.

28 Dec: Finished Ch8Lvl1, added Ch8Lvl2 and Ch12 to German in Review. Added 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 November 2002 to the SOI mirror and finished up the 2002 calendar.

27 Dec: Finished Chapter One in German in Review and started Chapter Eight Level One.

24 December 2004 (Merry Christmas Eve!): Did some reorganization of the languages/German section, and started adding notes from German in Review.

16 Dec: Added assignment sheets for Second Person and Theme Tale to Sudden Fiction.
14 Dec: Banners to Cultures, Religion & Sexuality and Fun Stuff.

13 Dec: Added a banner to Japanese [which I think is the coolest banner I've made, personally... the one seAn made for me eons ago is still cooler, but whatever], hover buttons for the general/Staggers and uniqueness/Drawing sections, and several more external links.

12 December 2004: Added a ton of external links [my bookmarks menu was a screen and a half long o.O].

9 Dec: Finished adding Cathedral.
5 Dec: Added a bit more to Cathedral.
3 Dec 2004: Added Poems by Langston Hughes to the literature section and started adding Cathedral. Started fixing some minor spelling/linking errors throughout the site; I figure I'll completely reupload the thing within the month; I haven't since the July timeframe.

2 Dec 2004: Added banners to Drawing, Writing Help and Writing: Sudden Fiction. :D:D:D. No comment on how many more graphics I still need/want. Finished adding the timeline from Oldest Profession.

29 Nov: Added "October 15" and "October 18" to general/staggers, and "Glossary" to cultures/japan, as well as adding in some links throughout the site [bookmark cleaning-out], and Langston Hughes to the general section.

28 Nov: Added Mr Staggers' First Trimester Bibliography (.doc file) to the general/staggers stuff, and The Rice Box to About Me.

27 Nov: Went ahead and uploaded the stuff on the saints and the notes from Staggers' class, but the SOI stuff I'm still gonna wait until I've done a bit more [read: I finish november 2002] to upload. Oh, and added another image beside the link to nanowrimo in the writing help section - cuz ahm a winz0r!! :D:D:D

25 Nov 2004: Added notes from October 7 and 8 and October 13 to General/Staggers.

24 Nov: Began a subsection in general where I'm going to put all my notes (*makes face*) from Staggers' class... added October 5 and 7.

23 Nov: Added stuff on Clare, the Archangels, St Theresa, Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Francis of Assisi, Hedwig, Januarius and Elizabeth of Hungary to the Catholic page.

22 Nov 2004: Added "Catholic Saints" to the Cultures section (info on Loyola).

20 Nov 2004: Added 19, 20, 21 November 2002 to the SOI mirror. I leave for Ohio tomorrow, so nothing'll be uploaded again until the 26 at the earliest (no mention of the fact that I haven't been uploading what I've been doing the past couple days :P). Hopefully I'll get a lot done while I'm gone though.

19 Nov 2004: Added 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 November 2002 to the SOI mirror.
18 Nov: Added 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 November 2002 to the SOI mirror, and made that month's index page.

17 Nov 2004: Added 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 October 2002 to the SOI mirror, modded the calendar... but I'm not going to FTP these additions up until I do november as well. Which I doubt'll get done before I leave for ohio [= no internet for five+ days], but what can you do? Nuttin', dat's w0t! Bwaha!

16 Nov 2004: Reupholstered the funstuff section, so its pages look cool like the rest of the site, added some stuff, and got rid of "50 oxymorons." Added 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 October 2002 to the SOI mirror and made that month's index.

14 Nov 2004: Actually started a bit in the "Religion and Sexuality" section (finally!): notes from Oldest Profession and "Promiscuity: Two Articles."

13 Nov 2004: Added "Theme 1," "Theme 2," "Second Person," "Picture 1," "Picture 2," "Election," "Anxious Object," "Dramatic Monologue 1" and "Dramatic Dialogue 2" to writing/sudden fiction.

12 Nov 2004 (trimester break!! wh00!): Finished "Sin Eater" and added "Smallest Woman in the World" (in lit section). Started the "Sudden Fiction" subsection of "Writing," with the index, "Interior Monologue" and "Setting."

10 Nov 2004: Cleaned up timeline, reorganized literature section a bit, started "Sin Eater" (in lit section).

9 Nov 2004: ppxxxvii-xlii
5 Nov 2004: ppxxxii-xxxvi
1 November 2004 (NaNoWriMo commenceth!): Added "Post-World War II" to the General section, and the timeline from pp xxvi-xxxii to Ancient Timeline.

27 October 2004 (*grunt* this is what happens when college apps kick in): Started "Timeline of the Ancients," using "Ancient Civilizations: Almanac," Volume One (pp xxi-xxv) in the Cultures section.

6 October 2004: Made "I Wasn't Thinking" and added it to the Music section.

3 October 2004: Pencilled drawings for "Test Slaughter" and "Liposucker" (new "School-based drawings," these are the first non-Panera-based).

2 October 2004: Added 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 28, 29 and 30 June 2003 to the mirror, and the updated the calendar for it. So the bloody month is done. Now I can finally reupload this thing >_>.
25 September: Added 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 13 June 2003 to the mirror.
19 September: Added 26, 27, 29 and 30 May 2003 to the mirror, and set up the calendar for it (May = done!).
18 September: Added 19, 20, 21, 24 and 25 May 2003 to the mirror.
17 September: Added 15, 16, 18 May 2003 to the mirror.
15 September: Added 9, 12, 13, 14 May 2003 to the mirror.
13 September 2004: Added the index for June 2003 and 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 of May 2003 to the SOI mirror (yes, that was an accident), and the May index (added after I realized the mistake :P).

11 September [three years - stop the madness!]: Added "Identification Rant #3" to the "About Me" section.

7 September: Scanned in the "Making Babies" final product, and gave up on the forum.

5 September: Started lyrics for a "This is the Night" parody, and inked the "making babies" drawing, although neither have final-enough products to go online yet [need five more lines and need to scan in].
30 August: Added a field test of a forum for the site. Whoo!

29 August 2004: Added a really bad, faint drawing... "Making Babies." [hopefully a better version'll be added later this week]

27 August 2004: Long time no cheese o.O! That's what school does, I guess. Added "Developmental Psychology" to the Science section.

14 August 2004: Added "Nützliche Ausdrücke" and its corresponding quiz to the German section.

9 August 2004: SOI mirror, Added February 2004 days 19, 24, 26, 28, 1.
8 August 2004: SOI mirror, added February 2004 index and the days 8, 9, 12 and 16.
7 August 2004: Italian Grammar, pp240-248 (it's done!).
6 August 2004: Italian Grammar, pp227-239 (incl making "Time Expressions" a seperate page).
5 August 2004: Italian Grammar, pp 208-226.
4 August 2004: Italian Grammar, pp 196-207.

3 August 2004: Added junk to the "To Do" list in the About Me section, and pages 191-195 to Italian Grammar.

2 August 2004 (crosscountry starts today... shit): Added "Good to Hear Revisited" and "Servant of the People" to Drawing.

1 August 2004: Italian Grammar, pp 184-190.

31 July 2004: Added an Iranian section to Cultures, with "Timeline," "Notable People" and "Important Terms."

30 July 2004: Italian Grammar, pp 169-183.

29 July 2004: Added "Good to Hear" to the Drawing section, and pages 156-168 to Italian Grammar. Pfew, finally reuploaded the site, as well [haven't done any uploads since... umm... the 13th... ::halo::].

28 July 2004: Italian Grammar, pp 138-155.

27 July 2004: More linkage/bookmark cleaning-out. Continued Italian Grammar, pages 127-137.

26 July: Continued Italian Grammar, pages 114-126. Began "uniqueness/drawing" section, with two Panera-based cartoons, "Intro to Damn Guy" and "Eating for the Baby."

25 July: Italian Grammar, pp 98-113.
24 July 2004: Italian Grammar, pp 89-97.

23 July 2004: Continued Italian Grammar, adding 76-88, and "Admissions of States to the Union" to the General section.

22 July: Italian Grammar, pp 66-75.
21 July: Continued "Italian Grammar" page, adding from page 55 to 65.
20 July: Continued "Italian Grammar" page, adding from page 37 to page 54.

19 July: Continued "Italian Grammar" page, adding from page 27 to page 36. Started a "Writing Help" section.

18 July: Began an "Italian Grammar" page [sw00t! Yes, this insanity again...]; added all of "articles" and began "nouns" (only the first gender/by meaning/masculine section)... pages 16-26.

15 July 2004: Added "Six Rings and One More" to the uniqueness/writing section.

13 July 2004: Added "Though the World May be the Same" and "Not Cut Out For This" lyrics to the uniqueness/music section.

11 July 2004: Ahm baack! Added "The Role of the GMNF" to the General section, and 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25, 30, and did the index page of July 2003 to the SOI mirror.

26 June 2004: Reuploaded the whole site [finally; I hadn't uploaded anything since I began adding in the bottom images, almost two weeks ago]... no updates for the next two weeks, since I'll be in rural vermont [read: no internet]. Whee! Until then, enjoy what's up (haha).

25 June: Added "Chapter 14" (a thing I made for statistics sophomore year) to the sciences/math section, and 4, 5, 7, 9 July 2003 to the SOI mirror.

24 June: Added 1 and 2 July 2003 to the SOI mirror.

21 June 2004: Added a biography on Raymond Carver, "rhetorical devices" and "Early Greece" to the "general" section, did further hacking-apart of the numbers in 4777 languages page. Applied the style to uniqueness/eekahii, and added in the bottom-link to everything in the science section - the whole site is pretty now! ^_^

20 June 2004: Applied the style to the literature section [including the canterbury subsection... *pant* there's way too many tales in there] and the uniqueness/writing, music and about me sections. Figured out how I'm gonna do the link-thing for the bottom of the science pages; got it up&running on the bonding and chemical composition page... leaving rest [ie, cutting/pasting] for later in the week... hopefully tomorrow. Meh. I hafta have this whole site up and running by saturday afternoon so I can completely reupload the beautiful thing, 'cause then I'm out of commission for two weeks. Added "Subjuntivo" to the Spanish section. Transferred "Emerging Infections," "Calculus" and "Superstring Theory" over from my old site into the sciences section [with minimal effort put forth... I only did bare-bones reformatting, and no editing, so they're full of !!!! and such].

19 June: Added "Poems by Raymond Carver" to the literature section.

18 June 2004: Got rid of the annoying little blips in the top left of all the hover buttons, made a stylesheet and applied it to everything in the science section, added 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31 and the index of August 2003 to the SOI mirror, made buttons for and applied the style to the languages/latin section, finished the image for links on the bottom of the science pages [but didn't start adding it in].

17 June 2004: Yay for getting paid to work on my website XP. Added "That Lean and Hungry Look" to the funstuff section, poems by Sylvia Plath to the literature section, applied the style to everything in the general section, added Claude McKay biography to general and some poems to literature, "rhetorical devices," "africa," "literary terms and devices" to general, added some more external links [mostly to science and languages], did more hacking-apart of that numbers page, drank mountain dew and ate M&Ms (:P), and then stopped to work on chinese. While continuing to drink mountain dew and eat M&Ms.

16 June 2004: More 'work' today... got the style applied to everything in the Cultures section and the languages/French section, started hacking apart the "numbers in 4777 languages" to make it more deal-with-able [takes forever to upload as-is], applied the style to the rest of the language section, except the latin subsection [don't have a hoverbutton made for it yet]. Made the index for September 2003 in the SOI mirror and added the days 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28.

15 June: Brought the laptop to work today, so I actually worked on page content while there. Added "prime ministers," "emperors and empresses," "national holidays and festivals," "timeline of major events" and "food and drink" to the Cultures/Japan section. Redid the 'hover buttons' I did yesterday, and made some more; started incorporating them into pages. All the pages immediately linked from the main page [ie, the indexes for the various sections] all now have the style, as well as the hawai'ian index.

14 June: STI camp started - I'm an assistant. It's similar to the program I was an assistant at last year [yes, the thing that got me started on my website again], however, the students are teachers in the wake county public school system, instead of a motley crew of rising 5-7 graders. But I'm with the "intermediate" class, which only has 3 students - meaning I have even more free time than I did last year. Today, I used this to redo both the main corner image and the science section's corner image, and make hover buttons for the links at the bottom of pages (the three I've done are "tAng's web Home," "Languages Home," and "German Home"). Began trying to work them onto the pages, but got stuck with making the blank part just fill in, instead of requiring a specific width or percentage [can't figure out how to do a combo of the two, or if it's even possible].

13 June: Added "Japanese Buddhism" to the Cultures/Japanese section.

12 June 2004: Restructuring (ie, craploads of link-editing, mostly); the hawai'ian section, along with the 'existing' but not developed sections on turkenistan and "religion and sexuality" all are now subsections of 'cultures.' Began making a "Japan" subsection for that with "Regions of Japan."

11 June 2004: Added 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 24, 27, 28 October 2003 to the SOI mirror, and made the index page for October. Cleaned up the index pages [so there's no links to/images from deadjournal] of all the months I've done so far (October, November, December 2003, August, September 2002, January and March 2004) and made a template so I won't have to go through all that bs for future ones. Finally got around to scanning in pictures of myself and some friends, and thus added both "Pictures of Me" and "Pictures of mah Friends" to the about me section.

10 June 2004: Added Poems and a Biography about Dorothy Parker, to the Literature and General sections, respectively. Added 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 15, 22, 26, 28 and 31 December 2003 to the SOI mirror, and made the index page for December.

9 June 2004: Added "College Homework" and "Landmark Application" to the About Me section.

5 June 2004: Added "The Road Not Taken" and an excerpt from "Julius Caesar" to the Literature section, "Life without Principle" to the General doc's section, uploaded the graphics for the Science index page that I made on the third, and added a bunch of random links throughout the site [further cleaning-out of my bookmarks ^^;;;].

31 May 2004: Added 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 September 2002 to the SOI mirror and cleaned out the "view subjects" page. Cleaned up the "calendar" page for all three years. Added 2, 6, 11, 18, 19, 20 and 29 March 2004 to the SOI mirror, and made the "view subjects" page.

26 May 2004: Added 17, 18 and 20 September 2002 to the SOI mirror.

11 May 2004: Added 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16 September 2002 to the SOI mirror.

10 May 2004: Added 14, 16, 19, 24, 1 and 27 November 2003 to the SOI mirror, and made the "view subjects" page, and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 September 2002.

7 May 2004: Added 3, 4, 7, 9 and 12 November 2003 to the SOI mirror.

6 May 2004: Finished up the banners that I'd worked on at school yesterday/today, and added them: uniqueness/writing, about me and music, and languages/german, french and spanish. Also added the main corner graphics to those pages.

5 May 2004 [happy cinco de mayo!]: Added 22 August 2002 and 18, 15, 13, 11, 20, 23, 25, 10 and 28 January 2004 to the deadjournal mirror, made the January 2004 "view subjects" page, and finished [for now] the August 2002 one.

4 May 2004: Worked a bit on a couple banners [tAng's music and tAng's writing], but didn't get either done. Added 11, 18, 24, 25, 28, 19, 29, 30 and 31 August 2002, 20 April 2002 and 21 February 2002 to the deadjournal mirror, and began the August 2002 "view subjects" page.

3 May 2004: Finished the main image, and the background-things ^_____^. So the main page (and the updates [this!] page) looks all spiffy now.

2 May 2004: Added 12, 13 and 16 of August to the deadjournal mirror.

29 April 2004: Started making a mirror to my deadjournal... ;_; I've decided to switch over to livejournal, so I'm just doing this for archival purposes [not trusting deadjournal to keep my stuff if I leave], but it's going to become a part of mah website. So, made the structure and stuff, copied the info page, the 2002 calendar, and entries for 21 and 20 August 2002, and did a lot of editing for links, and formatting [dropping ads, "post comment" things, mostly].

28 April 2004: Finally got around to cutting the image up/doing some nitpicks, so it's going up. But then I realized that I still don't really like it ^_^ just putting it up out of desperation. Mm... cut off the pointy part of the tree-dirt-thing, get rid of those white spots, and make blue/white backgrounds [instead of just the current little blue square which fills in the entire cell instead of matching with the edge of the image] are what I can name off the top of my head.

26 April 2004: Messed around in the languages section, adding links to the Japanese page, starting a page on writing systems of the world, and adding the "Our Father"/"Lord's Prayer" in Latin.

24 April 2004: Added stuff to chemistry page (through page 369).

16 April 2004: Added stuff, from pages 108 to 303 (like, carbs, activity series, etc), to the chemistry page in the Sciences section.

15 April 2004: Stayed afterschool again; made a banner for the languages page, and am so close to finishing the main corner I want to cry... I'd actually thought I was done, but I have to slice it into two pieces [so I can actually put text on the page], and make the transition between the image and the solid color better on the top, and then figure out what the background color is. So close and yet so far...

10 April 2004: Finished up the Spanish Grammar page, by adding "Nouns and articles: gender" to it. Began planning a restructuring of the site (mainly involving the general documents, hawai'ian, and literature sections, I think). Reformatted "Without Hope" in the Writing section. Started a section on Turkmenistan.

8 April 2004: Stayed afterschool today and started making some actual graphics for the site ^_^. The only one I actually completed, however, was the banner for this page (although the corner image for the main page - which I'm considering putting on every page, or at least every index page - is shaping up to be really sweet... just now have to find time to finish it, and do banners for the other pages, and maybe buttons/link bar kinda things for the bottoms of pages o.O).

6 April 2004: Added "The rules of spelling" and "The use of the written accent" to the Spanish Grammar section. 5 pages to go! ... and they're all on gender. x.x But this week is turning out a lot more standable than I'd been thinking it would be. The AIME went well, I've got chem almost under control... eep! This be w0t my journals are for, neyh? Lol.

4 April 2004: Added "Words for time," "Numbers: ordinals and timetables," "Time for more numbers," "Make a date: days and months," "Numbers," "The indefinite article" and "The use of the definite article" to the Spanish Grammar page. Only seven more sections to go! I'll hopefully be done by next weekend... x.x I've got a busy week ahead of me.

3 April 2004: Added "Subject pronouns," "Possessive pronouns," "Miscellaneous prepositions," "Possessive adjectives," "Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns," "Superlatives," "Comparison of adjectives and adverbs," "Comparisons," "The formation of adverbs," "Combinations of adjectives and nouns" and "Adjectives" to the Spanish Grammar page. Found a site that had some graphics for free, so I slapped them onto the main page, just for kicks ^^;;; it looks slightly more like a real site now. Hopefully I'll get around to doing real graphics for the site sometime though x.x

2 April 2004: Added "Indirect object pronouns," "Prepositions: para," "Prepositions: por," "Direct object pronouns," "Prepositions: with and without," "Three common prepositions: a, de, en," "Disjunctive personal pronouns," "Compound prepositions of place" and "Prepositions: before" to the Spanish Grammar page. 28 chapter-y things left! ... note that I'd wanted to have this done by today. O:-) And made all the updates pre-march 5 of this year into a seperate page, since this one was getting so long o.O.

31 March 2004: Added "Thinking and believing," "Verbs of trying," and "Indefinite words: someone, something, etc" to the Spanish Grammar page.

29 March 2004: Added "Idioms with tener," "Verbs of taking" and "negative words: no one, never, nothing" to the Spanish Grammar page. Around 38 chapter-y things left before I'm done with this page... and then I can get back to doing actual creation-y stuffs on the site... x.x I want to have it done by the weekend. Note that this is roughly 1/6 of the material [for this page], in total.

28 March 2004: Added "Poder and saber," "how to say become," "question words," "Ways of leaving: dejar, salir, etc," "things are looking up: parecer, mirar, buscar," "relative pronouns: que, quien, el cual," "Ways of saying to miss," "How to translate to put" and "Negatives: neither, nor, no longer" to the Spanish Grammar page, and "Carl Sandburg" to the General section.

26 March 2004: Added "Acabar and volver," "Questions: where? when? how? why?" and "To know: saber and conocer" to the Spanish Grammar page.

24 March 2004 [happy birthday to me!]: Made/added "Emily Dickinson" (a .doc file) to the General Documents section.

22 March: Added more to "putting verbs together," in addition to adding "uses of haber: hay (there is/are)" and "Common conjunctions: and, or" to the Spanish Grammar page.

21 March: Added "Regular verbs: the present tense," "conjunctions: but, however, nevertheless," "The subjunctive: past tenses" and "Putting verbs together" to the Spanish Grammar page.

20 March: Added "Perhaps, it's possible," "Subjunctive - or not?", "Funny first persons," "The subjunctive: commands" and "Familiar commands: the true imperative" to the Spanish Grammar page.

19 March: Added "radical-changing verbs," "the past perfect tense," "the gerund," "the conditional perfect tense," "ser and estar," "the passive," "the subjunctive," "present tense: spelling changes" and "conditional sentences" to the Spanish Grammar page, and "Propaganda Techniques" to the General section. Started gleaning info from my chem book onto a "chemistry" page in the Sciences section. Did more cleaning out of my bookmarks, and thus more adding of external links to various parts of the site (mostly general and japanese, I think). Added "America, In Poetry" to the Literature section.

18 March 2004: Added "Bonding and Chemical Elements" to the Sciences section, "Poems by Carl Sandburg" to the Literature section, "Two Way Prepositions" to the German section, and "Reflexive Verbs," "talking about the future," "the conditional tense," "the present perfect" and "the future perfect" to the Spanish Grammar page. Went through the French Grammar page and fixed it so there were æ's instead of oe's, and the German section so there were umlauts instead of "ue" "oe" and "ae"s. Added "Tokugawa and Rome" to the General Documents section. Can you tell I've been on break the past week or so, with how much I've gotten done? :-D for the record, I was in disneyworld the handful of days 7-10, hence I was actually already out of school then. ... wow, I just realized that ever actually doing formatting/images, design kinda stuff for this site's going to be hell, 'cause I have so much content already. Well, I'm not complaining ^_^. I'm so proud of my site! Aww... *huggles site*

17 March 2004: Added "general statements," "The preterite: radical changing verbs in -ir," "the pretérito grave," "the imperfect tense" and "preterite vs imperfect" to the Spanish Grammar page.

16 March 2004: Began a Spanish Grammar page, with "Impersonal expressions," "the preterite tense," "more verbs with indirect objects" and "liking and disliking: gustar."

15 March 2004: Added "Gender of nouns," "the present participle," "Verbs with more than one subject," "uses of the articles," "expressions of quantity," "irregular verbs: mettre and prendre," "verbs followed by à/de," "irregular verbs: devoir and savoir," "nouns: the indefinite article," "irregular verbs: pouvoir and vouloir" and "nouns: the definite article to the French Grammar page. I am done with that page! ... until I actually do stuff with it x.X lol. Yea, want to make it into a bunch of quizzes and such. Well, such is how these things go. Mah website's always going to be under construction, and that's how I like it ^^;;;. And for the record, Jones Green Apple Soda sucks. Fufu berry ist viel besser :-D.

14 March 2004: Added "The Subjunctive," "Present tense: -ir and -re verbs," "Present tense: reflexive verbs," "Numbers," "the preposition de," "the preposition à," "Dimensions and distance," "telling the time," "days, dates and years," "Countries, nationalities and languages," "Inversion," "Compound nouns," "nouns with two genders and meanings" to the French Grammar page, and added to "simple prepositions." Added "The World is my Lobster" and "Love of a Man" lyrics to the uniqueness: music section. Added a handful of external links to the funstuff and science index pages (yes, more cleaning out of my bookmarks).

12 March 2004: Added "Adjectives: agreement and position" to the French Grammar page.

11 March 2004: Added "Present tense -er verbs," "Subject pronoun: on," "Subject pronouns," "Asking questions," "Using si," "the perfect infinitive" and "the passive" to the French Grammar page.

6 March 2004: Added "superlatives," "relative pronouns" and "negatives" to the French Grammar page.

5 March 2004: Added even more to the "perfect tense section," as well as adding "the imperfect tense," "past tenses: perfect or imperfect?" "saying yes and no" "the infinitive," "verb constructions with objects" and "demonstrative pronouns" to the French Grammar page. The site is two years old!!

Updates from the first two years.