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All stories here Katrina Hayes 2004
Assignment sheets and other "handouts" are Lyn Fairchild's

Expectations - basically, a description of the class/what we had to do for it

Interior Monologue - a character facing a crisis [you get to figure out what it is! ... the success rate isn't very high, unfortunately...], and the thoughts running through his/her head
What I Didn't Say (But Thought) - assignment sheet

Dramatic Monologue - a girl (unreliable narrator) telling a guy, who seems rather indifferent, why she can't let him love her
Dramatic Monologue Rewrite - the above thing rewritten, now from the guy's pov, and now an interior monologue...
I'm only telling you this because... - assignment sheet

Second Person - we blame this assignment on Molly. Mine's 'How to give yourself a nervous breakdown' - I think that should tell you about how I felt the night I wrote this; so, not my best piece.
Adventure in Second Person: So You Say - assignment sheet

Picture this! - a piece of Conversions, I think this'll become, but it's Leslie talking to a wierd wise-guy in a coffee shop, and then running out of the shop and him chasing after her.
Picture this! Rewrite - rewrite of the above; no major changes in pov or anything, just tweaking
Picture this: Plotting what happened before the shot - assignment sheet

Anxious Object - a story about two estranged friends, revolving around a mobile made out of paper cranes
Anxious Object - the assignment sheet

Setting - a girl bemoaning her fate, as she's stuck working a low-wage job and has to keep putting off going to college. Yelling manager and illegal immigrant working "in the back" included.

Theme Tale - a woman visits the battlefield where her now-dead fiancee died years before; strangeness ensues
Theme Tale Rewrite - major editing from the last one, mostly to give more background on the woman and her relationship with the guy [for example, it's never actually stated in the first one that he was her fiancee], but no pov or setting changes, etc
Theme Tale - the assignment sheet

Election - a [flamingly liberal, apparently - according to a friend who's such a hardnosed conservative she hardly read it ^_^] babble about what went on around/my thoughts about the election.

Reunion - rediculously random, I wrote this for the "SF reunion" that took place about a month after the class ended [I was the only one who actually wrote a piece...], and the comments were all along the lines of " did you come up with that?" or "where can I get the pills you were on?" (the latter would've been from sparky, whose pieces were always among the most trippy, involving 'hellplants' or drunk leprechauns riding on trains... who is always high on mountain dew. he has a mountain dew IV, and I'm only barely joking)

Other Handouts from the Class
Points of View
Revision Challenge
Theme: They're Playing My Song!