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If you hadn't noticed, I haven't put together any of the things that I plan to yet for here ^_^. There are a bunch of worksheets and stuff that Ms. Fairchild made in the Sudden Fiction section, though, to tide you over, as well as the external links below...

Character Study - put together by Ms. Fairchild

Out_Lines LJ Community Archive

Questionnaires 1-10          Leslie's Answers
Questionnaires 11-20Leslie's Answers
Questionnaires 21-30

External Links

National Novel Writing Month - every November, hundreds of writer-wannabes are insane enough to try to write an entire novel in one month...

Creative Writing Forum - yes, this is a megatokyo forum, but it's one of my favorite 'net hangouts. And they despise fanfiction, so don't worry that it's going to be something mt-exclusive.
Articles, Hits and Tips on Writing - extensive collection on everything from memoirs and journals to ... everything. Yea, just go.
Teen Ink - a collection of writing contests
iUniverse - a place to self-publish