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Everything here Katrina Hayes 2004 or 2005

Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow old; it is the rust we value, not the gold. -Alexander Pope

Writing help - a collection of worksheets to help nail down charachters, think through plots, etc, and contests to help motivate.

Prize-winning stuff!

Through Death We Shall Part - Upset over his sister's suspicious death, the lying facades everyone around him wears, and, above everything else, his twisted family, a troubled teenager finally takes his life where he wants it to go.
     This won 2nd place in the Amy Charles Creative Writing Competition,
     a contest sponsored by the NC English Teachers' Association

Sudden Fiction
Pieces I wrote during a class my senior year of high school. Best class I've ever taken ^_^.

Other short fiction

Across the Divide - Two estranged (due to lifestyle choice) lovers meet again in a favorable circumstance; all goes well until winter hits. What's with the windows? A bit of a moral, I guess.

Law of the Lot - Thinking she's almost done with the hoops some seniors are making her jump through, a freshman slips up on the one that a jealous girlfriend adds especially for her.

Under the Oak - a weary girl collapses onto a root in the middle of a forest, miles from any other humans, and is scrutinized by an owl.

Hamlet's Midsummer - Hamlet rewritten to include elements of A Midsummer Night's Dream. (I wrote this one instead of the essay I was suppossed to write comparing four different movie versions of Hamlet... talk about bland x.X)

Dreaming Hearts - two fell in love, but their dreams would take them in different directions.

Stand-alone pieces of Conversions (formerly "Leslie's Story")
This would be my current shot at a longer [novella/novel-length] fiction. It begins with a girl - a severe case of tomboy - in high school or so, who doesn't get along spetacularly with her family, but has this older friend ["Sam," a woman who lives in her neighborhood and met at the grocery store] who she likes talking to. When she goes to high school, she falls in with a crowd of guys, eventually she and one of them fall for each other, until it's almost time for his graduation [probably two or three years later] and he pressures, then rapes her, right around the time that Sam dies. So her life falls apart as she loses both of her close companions... she leaves and doesn't come back to her hometown until years later, after a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop in atlanta. She heads home, runs into one of her old friends again, falls for him this time, and things are happy until she gets all depressed, because so many things from her childhood that had driven her away from the place are coming back, and she commits suicide.

Oh, and just as a warning, these aren't the actual pieces from the story :-p these are bits that were written previously, and are going to find their way in adapted form into it. Hence why, for example, "Never Again" is about two high schoolers, but in the story it's going to be after Leslie returns to her hometown. I'll put up the actual story when I have enough of it to make sense.

More recent note: I did this story as my piece for nanowrimo 2004, but just because I got 50,000 words of it doesn't mean I intend to post it. I have a lot of cleaning to do before that happens :P.

Do Me a Favor - a conversation with Sam just before Leslie's entrance into high school

Conversion of the Tomboy - getting to know and falling for Tyler

Without Hope - the conversation in the coffee shop

Never Again - her last conversation and suicide