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Not Cut Out For This: Lyrics
Katrina Hayes 2004

Keep talking about leaving
But I've never pulled it off
I'd wanted to get married
But I've learned at love to scoff
Everything I touch gets broken
Everything I do goes bust
And now the only vow I'll make
Is to not believe in trust...

A friend once told me long ago
That love and life are one
I think I still believe her
So I say: my life is done
Loving might be living
But was killing me just as sure
Yea sure I'll dance
Yea sure I'll kiss
I just can't love no more

I told them I was outta there
To a place with wide open sky
A place where I didn' need no one
Where alone my heart could fly
For some reason they laughed at me
A simple heartbroke child
They couldn't see I needed to be
Away and running wild

So off I took away from them
Away from all my chains
And surely soon as I died
I was relieved of pain

I kept talking about leaving
But I just now pulled it off
I'd wanted to get married
But I learned at love to scoff
Everything I touched got broken
Everything I did went bust
So I did what I had to:
Ash to ash and dust to dust

My elders may laugh all they want
My friends even may too
But the bliss is mine alone
Oh, if they only knew!
This city life
These dollar days
I weren't cut out for this
So I cut out of the pack
And found my own abyss

I kept talking about leaving
'Till I finally pulled it off
I'd been told to get married
But at tradition I scoff
Everything I touched I made break
Everything I did I bust
And I'll drive a stake into your soul:
In none but myself I trust