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Never Forever: Lyrics
Katrina Hayes 2004

Standing on this rock here
Facing the endless sea
I see everything that's been
And that will come to be
Tasting the salt on my lips
Waters brush my fingertips
My hair's tossed by the wind
And as all I wonder
Ponder the End
For the world is anything
If you've the right mind
You can know anything
As if it's your own kind

Though this may not seem
To make much sense
I've felt it never
Forever in my dreams

So I stand tall on my rock
As I always have and will
Though the shoreline's always changing
And never will sit still
Nothing's ever constant
That's why I crash into the sea
And yet no one is standing
No one except me
That's why dreams are so hard to catch
That's why the past cannot be matched
The world as the shorline will never sit still
The only thing that's certain
Is it never, ever will

We run around
Our feet in the clouds
Our heads in the ground
I stand upon my rock
My hair tossed by the wind
And forever wondering
Never knowing
Always part of
The End