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The World is my Lobster: Lyrics
Katrina Hayes ©2003-2004

I woke up this mornin'
I knew somethin' had happened
'Cause I leaped right outta bed
Knowing this day'd be fun
My alarm hadn't gone off
So as I pulled some clothes on
I hear this blaring sound
And I realized that

The world was my lobster
But I thought I meant oyster
So as the day rushed forward
With new eyes I saw my catch

I knew this day was my day
Old days behind and many to come
So I found my favorite shoes
And strutted them around
There was nothing I could do
To stop laughing aloud
You mayn't think I'm pretty/handsome
You mayn't think I'm strong
But at least I can pretend
You're all bowin' to me

'Cause the world is my lobster
Oh, whoops I mean oyster
Oh, wait I don't care
This lobster is mine

I smile at people I pass
They wonder what I've done
I keep them wondering
'Cause I won't dash the grin
I might hope it's contagious
But I don't really care
They can have all their frowns
And I'll dodge all their glares
I've forgotten their sadness
I've got my own new 'tude
And I've dropped the tragic mask
So now they see me smile

'Cause the world is my lobster
You can have all your oysters
Those things make me sick and
This lobster is mine

So I'll go dance out on town
I'll stroll its streets bare-naked
I'll put hydraulics on my car
Rock this place to the ground
I'll run and scare small children
'Come a kid again myself
I'll climb the tallest oak tree
And fall and break my arm
But again I'm last laughing
For no reason besides

The world is my lobster
Not some damn cliché oyster

The world is my lobster
Havin' a lobster feast tonight
On this last of the old days
And first of the new
I don't know what happened
But at least I know now

That the world is my lobster
The world is my lobster
The world is my lobster