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Growing Pains: Lyrics
Katrina Hayes 2004

Four years ago I met you
We were so innocent then
Lost in our hopes and dreams
Ignorant of the feeling of love
The years passed so quickly
Like they say time does fly
And so came this summer
When we lost our childhood
Your eyes saw me differently
Games weren't enough anymore
But I knew these changes in you
Well, I felt them in me too
So many songs they sing of love
So many things I've heard
But I know all I want back now
Is childhood innocence

Why did we have to grow up?
Why did things have to change?
We were so happy not so long ago
Before these growing pains

The ice broke one evening
We both felt the tension in the air
You looked at me
Said those words like poison
Yet that I wanted to hear
"Baby I love you
We can't keep just hanging
You think we could do something more?"
Part of me wanted
Needed to turn and run
That part of me died right there
Instead I smiled and replied
"Sure, I love you too."

::chorus repeats::

Time passed some more
We were too close for comfort
We should have left each other then
But couldn't stand the letting go
So one evening 'stead of a goodbye kiss
I stayed by your side all night
That's why we're here now
I'm mom/dad and you're dad/mom
Old hopes and dreams
Are shattered bits thrown to the winds

::chorus repeats::

Had to grow up too fast
Thanks to these growing pains
We grew up much too fast
Thanks to these growing pains