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The Broken Song: Lyrics
Katrina Hayes 2003-2004

She walked a broken mile
She sang a broken song
And all we know about her
She didn't stay for long

Those eyes always so open
That face always so long
Someone shoulda seen it coming
Seen her turning us away
There's always a twisted one
Who lives a twisted life
And every corner, every turn
's another turn to miss

::chorus repeats::

And on that day that year ago
We stood around in fright
'Cause no one saw it coming
Saw her throw'n her life away
She chose the life she ended
That she cursed at every day
She cried to sleep every night
And look'd for a turn to miss

::chorus repeats::

We saw her eyes
We saw her face
We could not see her heart
'Till we saw her turn away
So now who is the twisted one
Who lives a twisted life?
At every corner, every turn:
Which is the turn I'll miss?

::chorus repeats::

Oh that girl with the broken song
A broken mile away
I pass her grave and hear her voice
Her voice now comes to me

I walk the broken mile
I sing the broken song
Still all I know about her
She wasn't here for long