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Bittersweet: Lyrics
Katrina Hayes 2004

Yes, this song needs a lot of work. This is one of my older ones.

She was single, she was alone
He was married with a wife of his own
But that fact she didn't know
She'd fallen for him when they'd met
So many years ago
They say at seventeen you only want one thing
So many years ago he'd left her
With nothing but a ring
Now they both were going on with their lives
But memories never can quite hide
She was still single
As he had never been
And her eye had always watched for him

The night dragged on
The pair kept talking
So many things had gone unsaid
They left the bar at three am
Wondering where they were going next
They wound up by their old high school
Where so long ago
Their love had gone untrue

She gazed across the field
Holding tightly to his hand
She didn't seem to notice
His golden band
She led him over
To the spot he had proposed
When he realized where they were
Inwardly he groaned
Feelings from so long ago
Rushed back into his head
Much as he wanted to hold her
Just what might have been
Crossing the wasted years together
As they stood there on the same ground
Their minds and selves
Once again intertwined
It seemed inevitable this time
They'd finally be together forever
And happily live ever after
She wondered why he'd been gone so long
He wondered why he'd tried to forget her

But that moment was ever so brief
He pulled back and with tears of grief
Streaming down his cheek again he walked away
In her mind she heard
A whisper of something more
Those memories of what might have been
As he walked off up the old grassy hill
And that was when she saw the band he wore
And though her heart it tore
At least she finally understood
So she turned around and walked the other way
And resigned she never again looked back
As she knew that their love never could
Nothing, nothing ever would be
And she walked off into the break of day