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Everything here Katrina Hayes 2003, 2004 or 2005

Just as a warning, my songs vary widely in style/genre/whatever you want to call that. Currently all I even can put up are lyrics, for two reasons... first, won't let me host .mp3 files unless I start paying for my account, and second, I don't really have a way yet to make the files O:-) I'm hoping to register melody assistant soon, and I might be getting recording equipment in the near future, but of course I still have to deal with such things as my own lack of vocal skills ^^;;;.


    The Broken Song
    A medium to fast song, in a minor key, fairly depressing... about a girl who committed suicide.
    Note: jAmes wrote the percussion for this one.

    Senior Prom
    A fast, happy song, about prom [naw!...], although the ending is rather twisted.

    The World is my Lobster
    A moderately paced happy song, this one's about basically waking up and having your way of looking at the world completely shifted [from pessimism to optimism], almost overnight.

    Stand on Nothing
    This would probably qualify as a punk/rock piece; basically lots of "I don't know who I am! But you can't tell me that, so don't try to! Booja!"

    Love of a Man
    A ballad-y, sappy slow song, about trying to find a "man," and the other kinds of males that you run into in the seemingly futile search for love.

    Not Cut Out for This
    More of a country influence, about how you have all these ideals of things that you want to do, and try to do, but that nothing ever works out how you'd like.

    Though the World May Be the Same
    In the vein of Jewel, Sophie Hawkins and Kellie Coffey, proving that I've been listening to too much sappy soprano music recently; this one's a very teenager-esque song: it's about driving around, and being in love, and how the ability to experience/actually experiencing the two changes your worldview.

    A Classic Story (Someone to Hold Onto)
    A girl unloved from birth spends her life looking for "someone to hold onto," and is ditched pregnant by a boyfriend. And how her wretched situation is made somewhat less so by sharing it.

    Hating Love
    A girl experiences intense love for the first time and sings about how much it scares her.

I have a lot of songs that I wrote before my junior year of high school [these ones above represent since then], but most of them I'm not even going to try to save, heh, 'cause they're complete crap. But here's the three that I'm considering revamping:
    Growing Pains
    A medium to slow, minor-key song, about having a good friend for the years of your childhood, and then hormone rushes start kicking in.

    Never Forever
    I had two different versions of this song; one was a very new-agy 'tribal drums' sounding song, heavy on the rhythm, and the other was a more enya-esque song, a haunting voice with minimal background [just a keyboard, mostly just playing single-note harmonies].

    I have no clue what the rewrite of this song'll end up sounding like; I just really liked the storyline and some of the lyrics. Probably fairly slow?

Worst of all...

I Wasn't Thinking - a little raw-data meddling turned "No Thinkin' Thing" (random sucky country song) into this muddle...