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From an old IM profile: Who am I? Not quite sure. I'm funny and random as often as I'm serious and philosophical. Often I'm both at the same time. An extremely sophisticated goofball. A studious slacker. I mean, you name it, it's probably somewhere in my personality. In short, I don't know who I am, other than some undefined fuzzy blob that lives in a place, has a name, and goes through the motions of living on a regular basis. But I'm working on it. Hey, that's all anyone can do, enit?

About Me Lists
Pictures of Me
Pictures of mah Friends
Things I want to do - ...eventually
College Homework (.doc file) - a questionnaire and essay I had to write about my accomplishments, experiences, personality, hopes, etc for my college counselor
Landmark Application (.doc file) - an essay I wrote to apply to a volunteering program
The Rice Box - this is what happens when I'm given a square on a sheet of paper with the directions, "fill the box to the right with something that appeals to you"
Senior Page - this is what happens when I'm given an entire page in the yearbook
Eekahii - a language I started to create
Ranting #1 - Religious/Spiritual Beliefs
Ranting #2 - unfinished; was going to be about gender roles, but as-is it's basically just a couple paragraphs about abortion
Ranting #3 - Philosophical Ideals

2004 calendar - for the mirror of my old journal
2003 calendar
2002 calendar