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About tAng: Things To Do

If you can't tell by the list, these aren't really goals, so much as things I want to experience. When/if I actually do any of these things while I still have this site up, I'll post the stories [provided they aren't too ... well, I'll decide to or not ^_~ but I will note that I've done it, so you know what stories to bug me about].

  • Backpack/climb in the Alps, Himalayas, Rockys, and Andes
  • Go skinnydipping
  • Get really drunk, preferably on something like rum that has horrible hangovers
  • Go to Mardi Gras
  • Go to some other huge festival [like a hindu or japanese one]
  • Graffiti
  • Go on a 2+ month road trip; sleep in car
  • Live in a non-english-speaking place for at least 3 months
  • Visit/stay in (?) a buddhist monastary
  • Go skydiving
  • Go a week without speaking, and minimal communication [extensive note-passing, AIMing/future equivalent, etc, not allowed]
  • Toilet paper something
  • Egg cars
  • Turn in a "fake" paper [copy a passage, properly cited, of course, from some semi-famous book, or just a long ramble about nothing in particular, as long as it's not on the right topic, or summat similar]
    • Done 21 February 2005 ^_^ this was turned in in lieu of a comparison essay on four different movie versions of Hamlet
  • See the Pyramids (at night?), the Great Wall, the Northern Lights and Kilauea
  • Go bungee jumping or parachuting, ride in a hot air balloon
  • Visit Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Athens, Madrid, St Petersburg, Beijing, Singapore, Kyoto, Vancouver, New York...
  • Donate a large amount to something (prob. an environmental organization)... do time?
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar
  • In a restaurant, sit at a stranger's table and have lunch/dinner with them
Note: this was partly inspired by this, and partly inspired by the song, "I wanna do it all," sung by Terri Clark. But enough of the stuff I came up with on my own; hopefully I'll come up with more. The most recent additions were from a meme floating around livejournal.