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Identification Rant #2

Well, I don't know how much identification this'll be, really, but at least it'll get the point across that I'm a pretty hard-headed feminist. But I hate the feminists that take it over the top... for one, I don't think women should be considered better than men, just on equal footing.

First off, I guess I'm pretty pissed about the abortion thing. I don't see why the accursed uberconservatives have to take it into their own hands to ruin the lives of the rest of us. Why do you feel obligated to keep abortions from being had? You can keep your own nose stuck in the air (ehrr, at "heaven," I'm sorry), but why must you punish the rest of us? I guess I've never understood people who think they have to push their own belief system on the rest of us. Large reason I backed outta christianity, but hey. That was last rant.

Granted, men are always going to have the upper hand physically. I've always hated estrogen, for that reason. But that's no reason to let them walk all over us. Isn't that what "laws" are for? ... Hang on. If you're going to try to use that as an argument for abortion ("But you're just using the fact that the unborn child is helpless to walk all over them!"), I say, screw you. The thing is unborn, so get over yourselves! You have to define the moment a life begins somewhere, or else you're going to begin to start throwing women in jail for having their periods, because it means you're drowning unborn egg cells! Hel-lo folks. And I don't buy the "life begins at conception" idea either, or else you'd better stop using antibiotics, because either way, it's single-celled fuskoring organisms you're killing. I'd be inclined to say life "starts" in this case when the brain starts functioning, but I'm not too sure on how that goes or whatever. I'm perfectly content with saying it's murder ("infanticide"... hello, you think they have a different name for it for a reason? a lot of people don't even consider that murder) after birth, but I think law currently has it set at the beginning of the third trimester, or about six months into the pregnancy.

Yea, anyways. This wasn't intended to be all about abortion ^_^ that's just a small part of the feminism argument, and probably the one that's most beaten to death.