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Identification Rant #1

Where do I start? I just did the lists, and I don't want to duplicate any of that stuff. Hmm. And I don't want this to be like a journal, either... that's what my journals are for, lol.

I know. I can start with my "religion!" That's something that hardly anyone understands, and what I believe certainly says a lot about me.

First off, I refuse to identify myself with any, to quote myself, "mass religion." Although I know there are plenty of people out there that actually believe the belief system that they claim to, I think "mass religions" are used as excuses for a lot of immoral actions, which, in my opinion, defeats one of the main reasons for having religion - to make people more moral, and thus, more able to get along. And that's another thing I dislike about "mass religions" - they're as divisive as they are uniting.

But I shouldn't really rip on those. My main point was, I guess, that they're good for a lot of people, but not for me. Religion and belief are one of the most personal things that there are, part of the reason I think that it's such a good topic for a section of an "about me" site.

Probably, though, my beliefs most closely match more of the "pagan" and "new age" and "eastern" religions, than any of the major three monotheistic religions.

For example, on the topic of the afterlife/what happens after this life, and what the source of life is in the first place. I more or less believe in reincarnation, for a number of reasons. But I also believe in something that I later learned is a belief of wicca and some similar religious systems, something they call the "Sommerland" or "Summerland," basically a break between lives. My main reasons for believing in reincarnation are... well, I can't get myself to believe in something as simple as "heaven" and "hell," that either you're Good or Bad and nothing in between, and thus are either punished for eternity or are in bliss for the same period of time, and reincarnation deals nicely with that, considering you basically have to live with the consequences of your actions, whether directly or indirectly (probably the most similar thing to this that people would be familiar with is the hindu and buddhist concept of "karma," or the wiccan "ever mind the rule of three, what you give out comes back to thee" - basically, everything you do comes back to you threefold).

On the topic of how to live your life, I don't think there's really any huge laws or anything, I don't think anything is absolute (after all, rules were made to be broken, right? :-p), but I do think that your conscience speaks rightly, that you can trust your gut feeling, and that that Rule of Three I mentioned before really comes into play here.

With regards to "higher powers" or "gods" or whatever you want to refer to such as, my beliefs are, again, fairly simple. I basically believe that life itself is power, which may bring to mind some kooky parallels to "The Force" of Star Wars fame, and such parallels probably wouldn't be far from the mark. With how we're tied together or the structure or whatever, I think there's this kind of "collective unconscious," and that each of us is sort of a little piece of this, and that's what our subconscious is, or that's at least the closest thing to it, and then the consciousness is the bridge between that and the physical self. So you could say that I think trees and such are conscious, too. I've certainly had some interesting feelings that lead me to thinking of them as much more than "inanimate objects" or whatever, that others might. I have very, very high respect for the natural world. And I think that, because we're all basically part of this "collective unconscious" or "force" or whatever you want to call it, is what makes us truely powerful, much more powerful than we're usually willing to admit. I think a lot of religious methods of trying to work with the future, such as prayer or spellcasting, work because of this - this force is what shapes the present and future, it's just that we're so used to thinking our conscious actions are the only things that affect the "real world" that we have trouble harnessing this aspect of ourselves.

But going back to the high respect for the natural world, I think that we're really missing something, with how much we've departed from it. This seperation is, in my opinion, a huge part of the rise in depression and such that's rampant in modern society. And, because the natural world is part of this "force" that I was talking about, I think we're hurting ourselves even more, from trying to work against it.

Yea, well, I guess that's it for now.