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About tAng: Picktarz of me [...her]!

Yes. Because [she's] vain, there's a whole page of pictures of [her]. Captions included! Click pictures for larger versions.

I'd be inclined to call this the best picture of me. I'm actually being happy, dressed like I typically am, hugging an adorable critter, and in front of (the Disneyworld version of) Japan.
This would be a more typical representation of me - angst filled youth!
Meditating over a cup of coffee. Mmm, coffee. But this is no ordinary coffee - this is coffee from a vending machine!
Playing recorder by the beach. Purely for aesthetic reasons. And because my guitar wouldn't've agreed with sand, I am thinking.
Another one of those straange pictures where I'm being really happy. For good reason, though - I'm at Busch Gardens with the school band.