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About tAng Lists

Stereotypes: Well, for a start, I'm pretty geeky, although I've been considering myself more punkish recently (many others may argue on that one, but whatever), and I've always been somewhat hippieish, and tomboyish... lol, and I hate stereotyping :-p

Favorite bands: the Ataris, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Enya, JoDee Mesina, Journey and Heart. Avril Lavigne and Evanesence, I have to admit to not even having heard of them until they were really popular, but the Ataris I've been a fan of for over three years, long before they became as popular as they are now :-p the others have been around long before my time.

Main Interests: Languages (especially German and Chinese) and Cultures (especially Eastern and Polynesian), and Physics (especially M-theory/Superstring theory), Chemistry (especially Physical Chemistry) and Mathematics (especially number theory).

Other Interests: Oh, don't get me started. Psychology (especially manic-depression/bipolar, and the basis of things like religion), Writing, and probably every other thing on the planet that humans have stumbled across...

Hobbies: Reading (both fiction and nonfiction), Knitting and Crocheting, DDR, Biking, Thinking (yes, I count that as a hobby), Meditation (that would be different from thinking, anyone who doesn't understand the difference... well, maybe I'll put up a chunk on the site about meditation, eventually), and... again, I could go on for a while, but those are the main ones.

Occupation(s): Student/Senior at Cary Academy, and part-time associate at Panera Bread (if you've never eaten there before, you should do so now. This is not a solicitation! :-p)

Hopes for the Future: Aside from saving humanity from itself, going to college, probably at UNC-CH and double-majoring in physics and linguistics, and then teaching, as well as doing Peace Corps somewhere in there, or something similar

I guess that's all for now. Seems good enough.