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Joe Nucleotide

An essay written for a Biology test

Hey! I'm Joe Nucleotide, and I'm here to tell you today about a process that I get involved in a lot, and goes on in each and every one of the cells that make up **yOu**! There is this big mastermind molecule I'll call Mr. DNA who is TRAPPED in the control center (the nucleus) of these cells, and he has to find a way to tell the rest of the cell what to do. So these little enzymes sneak in through holes in the wall and cut Mr. DNA open! No, it's okay, he recovers quickly, and they only cut small parts that they need, known as "genes," it is through these that Mr. DNA tells them what to do. Then some of my cousins, RNA nucleotides, line up along these exposed bases in Mr. DNA with a little help from more enzymes, and turn into Ms. mRNA. Ms. mRNA is then edited by some more helpful enzymes, and they remove any nucleotides that aren't needed. Now, Ms. mRNA is so small so she can sneak back out through those holes in the wall! She wanders around until she can find The Ribosome, a building that will help her understand all the information she contains. The Ribosome's workers, tRNA, come in in a very orderly fashion to the spot on Ms. mRNA The Ribosome has slelected, and if the tRNA's anticodon (set of 3 bases) connects with Ms. mRNA's codon, then they hookup and an amino acid that tRNA was carrying joins a string of amino acids that had already come in from previous tRNAs. Then The Ribosome moves on to the next codon, another tRNA will come in and the process continues until The Ribosome reaches the end of Ms. mRNA. The amino acid chain will then fold itself happily into a protein, which can then go about its business in the cell.