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All science is either physics or stamp collecting. -Ernst Rutherford [winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize in... Chemistry]

Central Events
Earth Sciences

Euclidean Constructions (.pdf file)
Chapter 14 Summary (.doc file) - made for my AP stats class, dealing with regressions, confidence intervals, etc
Greek Mathematics (.ppt file) - a powerpoint that was the culmination of a research project I did freshman year
Greek Math Notes (.doc file) - the accompanying notes to a couple of the slides
The Greek Alphabet (.pdf file) - as used in mathematics

What has become this section of the site began with a project I did in ninth grade biology class, known as the "IBP" or "Independant Biology Project." The topic I picked was "Biochemistry and Depression," and... well, here it is. Depression: a psychological illness affecting millions of people worldwide, 18 million in the United States alone.
Background Information
Stress and Depression
Various Forms

Odds'n'ends, mostly notes
Science Misconceptions - a project I did for Statistics in tenth grade
Geology Time - the different eras, epochs, etc of Earth
Life's History - from megadynasties to mass extinctions
Ice Ages - our current "ice epoch," historical ice ages and climates, and global warming
Element Abundances - on earth, in the universe, etc
Humanity's Ancestry - all about the hominids
Joe Nucleotide - a nucleotide explains the process through which DNA creates proteins
Physics - some introductory scribblings on the subject
Bonding and Chemical Compounds - some basic properties
Chemistry notes - random junk I gleaned from my Chemistry textbook
Emerging Infections - from a book I read forever ago; page transferred over from old geocities site [after formatting, o'course]
Superstring Theory - an attempt of my own at discussing the theory that I love so much... also transferred from old site
Developmental psychology - notes on the subject, mostly charts of stages
Chocolate Milk vs Skim - comparison of the nutrition facts

External Sites
Common Cloud Classifications
ChemFinder - a database of chemicals, including structure, smatterings of information and a bunch of links for more
Amino Acids - pdb files [pictures of the structures] of the amino acids
Botany - informative diagrams and other images
Symmetry, Crystals and Polyhedra
The Constellations - information on all 88 of the official constellations
Study on Gifted Children
SOS Math - "math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations"
Current Earth - exceedingly nifty; full projections of earth as it looks right now
Tree of Life - a web project trying to put together information on all known organisms
Library of Chemistry Resources
The Chemistry behind Chocolate - yummm...
The Santa Fe Institute - a collection of complexity research they've done
Transfinite Numbers
Eric Weisstein's World of Science - sections on math, physics, chemistry, astronomy and biographies
U. Sondermann - a personal page that has lots of math goodies
Pascal's Triangle - supposedly now located here, but this new link has yet to work for me
Famous Curves Index
Table of Isotopes