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Specific Languages

Miscellaneous External Links
    Tutorials - in French, Italian, Spanish, German and Croatian, as well as a discussion of Linguistics; easily the best language site I've found online
    Foreign Languages for Travellers - if you don't mind being bombarded with ads and ad popups, and are more interested in sampling a lot of languages rather than actually studying them, this is a decent site; it has basic vocabulary (numbers, shopping and dining, asking directions and such) in dozens of languages
    Omniglot - an excellent source on hundreds of different writing systems
    One to Ten - in thousands of languages (this is a huge site; I've loaded it onto my site and hacked into 15-some pages [by separating out indo-european and afro-asiatic, etc], so it's more managable, but it's still pretty big; there's a link to the actual site on the pages)
    Perseus Library - a bunch of texts, in several languages
    Ethnologue - information on the languages of the world
    Turkmen Language Resources - A dictionary [with grammar] and a glossary of Turkmen
    Single-Serving Languages - a decent site, with audio and 'booklets,' that looks like it will get better as time goes on [the author has a lot of stuff they plan to add eventually; only french and german were complete when I last went]
    Speech Accent Archive - samples of English spoken by native speakers of other languages
    UniLang - "a home for everybody interested in any aspect of language(s) or linguistics"
    Gaelic Course - just that; a course in Gaelic
    Happy Birthday - a less than appealing page, but it's got happy birthday in dozens of languages
    Luciferous Largolepsy - a really nifty site with all kinds of obscure words
    The Alternative Dictionaries - "Slang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms from all the world"
    Verbix - an online verb conjugator for lots of languages