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Despite the fact that Chinese is one of the languages I'm really working towards fluency in at the moment, this part of the site's probably going to remain heavy on the external links for a good while, at least, since I'm too lazy to mess with asian fonts, and I'm too persnickity to do pages on learning chinese with pure pinyin. My current method around this is using .doc files, despite finding them rediculously annoying online. Sorry!

Ningxia (.doc file) - lyrics, along with translations [and extra vocabulary] of Liang Jingru's song, "Tranquil Summer"
Yongqi (.doc file) - lyrics, etc of Liang Jingru's song, "Courage"
Menu (.pdf file) - a menu for a Chinese restaraunt, which has the charachters, the pinyin [although not the tones], and the english translation

External Links

Chinese Language - A site about/with links to various things on Chinese, like the different 'dialects'
Zhongwen - "Chinese Charachters and Culture" - eeeexcellent site on Chinese
Liang Jingru lyrics - the site that I'm using to get her lyrics from [the Chinese characters]
Chinese Lyrics - lyrics for other Chinese music
Courage - a flash movie that goes along with one of Liang Jingru's songs [which is funny even if you don't understand what's being said]
Baidu - a place to get Chinese mp3s [set to put up Liang Jingru's stuff initially]
Hanzi Smatter - "dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (Hanzi or Kanji) in Western culture" (highly amusing site)
Online Chinese Tools
Leon's EFL Planet - lots of links on Chinese stuff
Wengu - Chinese classics online, with the full chinese, some translations, and characters are clickable for dictionary entries ^_^
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies - specifically, the Philosophy and Religion page
China the Beautiful - a whole bunch of stuff, like a full translation of the Dao De Jing
3000 characters - the most common ones [backup here]