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Empire India
Based on notes taken in Mrs Tran's class

Aryans conqured 600BCE - greatest religions, empires

  1. Mauryan Empire (from Magadha, n India)
    1. Chandragupta Maurya, milit challenged Nanda fam & defeated 'em
    2. then defeated Seleucus, Alex general who got Indian part
    3. by 303BCE unif most n India
    4. empire - army w/ 9000 elephangs, heavily taxed farmers, mining, trading, manufacture
  2. Kautilya - Chan's advisor, wrote Arthasastra which Chan's closely followed
    recommended 4 provinces w/ royal prince @ each, each has districts
    Chan was compl paranoid abt assination, gave throne 2 son, conv 2 Jainism starved in 298BCE
  3. Asoka
    1. Chan's grandson, consid 1 of wrlds grtst leaders
    2. empire builder & war man, slaughtered 100g ppl, dec 2 go 4 ahinsa/nonviolence 2 live, ruling
    3. conv 2 Buddhism - relig tolerence, humanity, roads w/ shrines, enviro preservation, resting places
    4. when died empire crumbled, long pd (==500yr) turmoil follows
  4. Gupta (also from Magadh, northern India)
    1. Outta turmoil Chandra Gupta came 2 power marry 2 royal then conquering
    2. CGs son Gamudra conquer even more ppl     India flourished
    3. CGII "prince of princes," conq 2 W of Ind., allow trade w/ medit., used diplomacy & marriage to negotiate
  5. Daily Live in India
    1. most ppl lived in villages (still most agr)
    2. patriarchal tho sum Tamil matriarchial, extended family units
    3. The Silk Route; profit. 4 india (Buddhism 2 China over)

And for some reason, I had "Machiavelli's The Prince" noted on this page; I think it has something to do with this time period?