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The Chinese Dynasties
Based on a handout from Mrs Tran's class

    2205?-1706?BCE - Xia (Hsia) dynasty (only partially verified)
    1766?-1122?BCE - Shang (Shang) dynasty
    1122?-256BCE - Zhou (Chou) dynasty
      Western Zhou (1122-771)
      Eastern Zhou (770-256)
        Spring and Autumn Period (722-481)
        Warring States Period (402-321)
    221-207BCE - Qin (Ch'in) dynasty
    202BCE-220CE - Han (Han) dynasty
    220-589 - Six Dynasties Period (unity, prolonged disuinity, and then unity again
    589-618 - Sui (Sui) dynasty
    618-907 - Tang (T'ang) dynasty
    907-960 - Five Dynasties Period (a period of disunity)
    960-1279 - Song (Sung) dynasty
    1279-1368 - Yuan (YŁan, Mongol) dynasty
    1368-1644 - Ming (Ming) dynasty
    1644-1912 - Qing (Ch'ing, Manchu) dynasty
    1912-1949 - Republic of China (The Taiwan government continues to use this name)
    1949-present - People's Republic of China

Names of dynasties are given in pinyin romanization (the form used in the People's Republic, in most North American periodicals, and in many history texts). The Wade-Giles romanization (the standard most frequently used prior to the 1980s) follows in parenthesis.