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Based on notes taken in Mrs Tran's class

Third largest country, most populus, surrounded plateaus, mts, deserts, water
Qin Ling mts divide North from South China
North China
         Huang He 2900 miles, loess makes farmland & is yellow
         "China's sorrow" b/c serious floods from silt WHEAT
         Yangtze River, 3400 miles, deep channels (ships come 600mi in) COMMERCE
         Xi Tang River 1200 miles rain forests, bamboo, rice paddies RICE
btwn Huang He and Yangtze is "China Proper"
         deserts, mts seperate from other civ, very distinct, inf least by others
         strong sense identity, superiority complex, zhongguo "Middle Kingdom"


    Dynastic cycle and cultural evolution; 14 dynasties
    From beginnings, dynasties (some centuries, others only years)
    1. founded by defeating enemies, right to rule becomes heredity
    2. period of internal peace, expansion, better roads, irrigation, arts, edu, palaces
    3. decline begins - extravagant rulers, heavier taxes, floods, begin lose control, cant defend against nomadic invaders
    4. complete chaos and rebellion, dynasty collapses, new leader emerges
    cultural revolution: even tho politics unstable, culture developed steadily, culture grew into bigger ideas
    Xia [2205-1706BCE], Shang [1766-1122BCE], Zhou, Quin, Han, SixDpd
    Shang: Anyang capitol, mandate of heaven, strong military/bronze weapons, millet/barley/animals/agriculture, jade/bone/kaolin/ceremonial bronze, calligraphy/own system/beg's of writing, fillial piety [Xiao]/oracle bones/combo ancestor worship & animism, collapsed b/c king tried expand south of Hsi-Chang
    Zhou: 800 years, confuscianism/daoism/legalist/mohism/philosophy schools, copper money, lots city-states, capitol at Loyang