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Buddhism Vocabulary
Based on notes taken in Mrs Tran's class
  • Buddha - an enlightened one
  • Mara - evil force
  • Karma - cause & effect laws that operate around good & evil and the resulting rew/punishm
  • dhamma - law, discipline, justice, virtue, truth, that which binds wrld toget
  • caste - social classed based on birth & occupation
  • nirvana - the final realm, achieved through enlightenment & 8foldpath
  • ascetic - one who forsakes the physical world for spiritual truth
  • meditation - breathing and discipline (process by which to reach nirvana)
  • enlightened - one who has achieved nirvana Siddhartha - name means 'wish fulfillment', Gautama became Buddha
  • dhammapada - the way of truth
  • bodhisattva - pprsn who delays entry in2 nirvana so can teach others
  • Brahminism - the tradition/religion Siddharta was born into
  • Four Noble Truths - suffring universal, cause craving, cure is elim, to do so follow 8fold
  • Eightfold Path - Right Knowledge, Intention, Speech, Conduct, Occupation, Effort, Mindfulness, Concentration
  • renunciation - the action taken by ascetics
  • protocol - the proper of which will achieve you enlightenment
  • reincarnation - the belief that all living creatures follow the cycle of birth, death & rebirth