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Ancient India
Based on notes taken in Mrs Tran's class
    Aryans - "noble ones" 1500-1000BCE
      Indo-Europ, thru Kyber pass, come rule N plain.
      Know 'bout thru the Vedas [basis hindu faith] (rig veda), lit of relig.
        Oral his then written Sanskrit
        Marked pd known Vedic age
        earliest gods ment in incl sky, sun, moon
        beleef in immortality thru rit'l sacr & moral behv.
        ovr time sacr bec. more compl, relig & lang evolved
        importance of reading Sanskrit Brahmans
      formed city-states ruled by raja
      differences btwn conquered & conquerors
        skin color, class div, heriditary classes, role of women
      Epic Age 1000-500BCE
        relig lit, Brahmans interp. rit from Vedas gained prom & infl. in society
        Brahmans composed Upanishads, philo explan of Vedas
        2 epics: Mahabharta (Bhagavad-Gita), Ramayana
      Caste system
        Prob began with Aryan, during Epic 4 emerged
        Kshatriyar - ruling warrior class
        Brahman - priests, scholars, wise men [over time Brahman rise above Kshatriyar]
        Vaisya - merchants, traders, small farmers
        Sudras - peasants, bound by work in vields
        untouchables/if u touch, ure dirty, didn't count as caste
    Hinduism - world's oldest contigu. religion, 'least 2000BCE 500mil today
      dev from Aryan & Indus ppl melding
      absolut god vs power bellon evryday "Brahman" (?)
      varied relig, long pd time, no indiv founder, 1 unchang reality
      Atman - concept of soul, part or same as Brahman
      Birth, death, rebirth, called "Samsara," difficult, want be free
      Release called moksha, ignor repl by wisdom, maya prevents, tend to see wrong way
      Karma keeps wheel spinning, actions by indiv in lifetime, epod life better rebirth (?)
      Dharma - code of behavior, dictated by position in society
      Yoga - Kharma/discipline, Bhakti/devotion, Tnana/know/study, Raja/mind/self-control/meditation
      All gods expressions of Brahman
      Most focus on gods, not Brahman
      Vishnu/preserver, Shiva/destroyer/liberator
      Creator: Brahma, 3 make the triligy
      10 Vishnu' incarnations, 7th & 8th: Rama, Krishna
      Varaha - the boar incarnation of Vishnu
      Last is Kalki, not come yet
      Rama & Sita - perfect male & female
      Hanuman - monkey god
      Krishna - young, mischevious, Radha - fav cowgirl
      Cows - milk, butter and dung (sacred)
      Lakshmi - wife of Vishnu/wealth & beauty
      (Lord of the Dance (Nataraja), 3rd eye (fire) looks inward
      Shiva - female & male, wife Parvati - Darga, Kali
      Ganesha - elephant, god of new & endeavors
      Parvati - compassionate, beautiful, gentle
      Durga - slays demons w/ sword, inacessable
      Kali - destroyer of evil