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Advanced European History
Based on Mr Staggers' class


Recommended Reading
    Note: I haven't read any of these yet; these are books the titles of which Mr Staggers has thrown out during class and I hope to look into eventually.
    The Face of Battle by Kegen (mentioned in context of Gustavous Adolphus' death at Breitenfeld; Oct 7)
    Europe's Inner Demons apparently has a chapter on the Knights Templar (mentioned Oct 8 alongside stuff about the witch scare)
    Robe and Sword by Franklin Ford, 1953 (mentioned October 15 during discussion of the two types of French nobility in the fifteenth century)
    Mr Staggers' Bibliography for the first trimester (.doc file)
    Worldly Philosophers by Weilbroner (6th edition - 1992) (7 Jan)
    Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith (7 Jan)
    Bibliography for the second trimester (.doc file)
    Bibliography for the third trimester (.doc file)