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Generally Informative Stuff

I'll have to admit, this section of the website only began because of the large number of pages of [hard copy] stuff that I had lying around, not because the grades on them were pretty or anything, but because the information on them intrigued me (as such, this is still currently organized by class). So this is my attempt to clean out some of those old binders without losing the information ^_^. Hopefully someone else out there can get some use out of them, too.

Mr Staggers' Advanced European History

Mr Pelliciotta's American History
Post-World War II (.doc file) - info I had to put together on Watergate, the Civil Rights Movement, and Reproductive Rights

Stuff from Landmark
The Role of the Green Mountain National Forest
The Flag and Admittance of States to the Union

Major European Wars, 1400-1950

Mr Velto's World History II
The Fourteen Points - Woodrow Wilson's idealization of how the peace coming after World War I should be achieved and maintained.
Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen - circa 1789, ie the beginning of the French Revolution
White Man's Burden - Rudyard Kipling's call for America to join the colonialism game
Brown Man's Burden - a parody of the "White Man's Burden;" written around 1899
Vietnamese Declaration of Independence - authored by Ho Chi Minh in 1945

Mrs Tran's World History I
The Neolithic Revolution and Cultural Constants - the beginnings of civilization and, well, cultural constants
China - some geographical facts, and basic history
Ancient India - the coming of the Aryans and the beginnings of Hinduism
Buddhism Vocabulary - words central to the religion
Empire India - about the five main empires in the subcontinent
Chinese Dynasties - all the dynasties and their periods of reign
Chinese Philosophers - from Confucius to Han Fei, Xunzi and Mencius
Tokugawa and Rome - the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan and the Roman Republic... their only connection being I took the notes on the same page
Roman Empire - its beginnings, and Caesar
Middle Ages, etc - basic definitions and the rise of cities
Crusades - short blurbs on the main three, knights orders, and the effects
Renaissance - the various intellectual traditions
Renaissance - about the structure and rule of states in Italy and the church
The Reformation - bits about Erasmus, Luther and Calvin
Africa - geography and the major kingdoms
Early Greece - three early civilizations (Minoan Crete, Mycaneans, Dorians) and the Presocratics

Mrs Huntley's World Literature I
Martial Arts - some factoids about a number of these traditions
India's Heroic Age - notes taken, mostly about the hindu scriptures from this time
The Forbidden City - about China's forbidden city, and events surrounding its last residents

Ms Kim's Advanced American Literature
The American Scholar (.doc file) - Emerson's description of, well, the American Scholar
American Transcedentalism - a notesheet Ms Kim passed out about this philosophy
Joy Harjo - "A short biography, a short poem, and a shorter poem for you to enjoy..."
Sentence Patterns - relatively useless information on how to construct sentences that you already use on a regular basis
Sherman Alexie - a short biography about this Native American writer
Propaganda - descriptions, examples and questions to ask of the major techniques
Emily Dickinson (.doc file) - a short handout I made for a class project ["Poetry Seminar"] about her life
Carl Sandburg - a short biography
Life Without Principle (.doc file) - an essay by Thoreau
Dorothy Parker - a short biography
Claude McKay - a short biography
Rhetorical Strategies - from abstraction to voice
Literary Terms and Devices - from allegory to tone
Raymond Carver - a short biography
Rhetorical Devices - from alliteration to personification
Langston Hughes - a short biography

External Links
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