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The Forbidden City
Based on notes taken in Mrs Huntley's class

500 year palace - built for son of heaven. Dynasty expected to last 'till end of time. 1688 gov't arrived Yang Su Young. Travelled 30 days, last mile alone. Beyond gate was forbidden city. Everything inside gates written - 15 mil manuscripts records. Harmony w/ universe. If not itll collapse. His mission was to bring info 'bout bad omens. FIfteenth century - biggest complex of palaces in the world. 100000 men built. 1 million bricks. Trees for timber took 4 years to arrive. All power in throne room. Yellow - power, red - good luck. 18 province in Chinese empire. 150mil ppl empire. Other than emperor, only concubines & emperors slaves. Everything yellow! 1661 guy ascended throne, Kung Cheese. At Winter Solstice Mandate was renewed. Take vows & make sacrifices. "If ruler correct then correct creative energies appear" rains right, stars. "Yellow Dragon will descend." Absolute power to the rulers. Ppl persuaded to morality by execution. Fearful men keep information to self - bad. Astronomy obsession of Kung Cheese. His tutorer was western "barbarian." Astronomy science, also self-protection. New calender unveiled every year. Emperor's family had come (Manchu) from north of wall. Kung Cheese scholar newayz. 19 years before forbidden city secure enough for Manchu. Had overthrown Ming. Slaves did work, no longer politics. Do anything against gov't or take bribe put to death. Concubines - emperor could have as many as want. Ate dinner alone, had huge amount of food. After dinner pick concubine. Pick by sticks. 30 concubines had kids, 56 total. When had kid status elevated considerably. Son who heir suffered w/ illness 10 years, studied history, principles of gov't. 30 years later, Kung Cheese's rein go downhill. His son did something bad (one who was to become emperor) so unfit to rule. Secret intelligence system necessary b/c officials scared. Rebellion started by son. Son so extravagant, demanding, unchangingly evil. Had been 8 yrs when dad died. Mind worn out by country. Emperoro died Dec 20 1722. Young Jin reestablished dynasty. Ching Noung - hunter rein. Emperor had mandate but also impressive army. Life in City much same as had been 100 years before. Still center of all of world. Still "barbarians" outside empire. Not feared, just "stoopid." England wanted China open to trade (blow to pride & pocket that not). McCartney came, squabbles over protocol. Chinese refused to trade with England. Eventually England brought Opium. Tried to stop, England sent in warboats. Country druggies, signed treaty gave control all trade to Westerners. Coup organized, installed her 6yr son on son, then nephew. She ruled throne. Court life still appeared same but no power underly anymore. Boxer revolution, tried to kick westerners out. Western armies took over instead, few years later last emperor. 1949 peoples republic. Last emperor returned to be gardener in Beijing. Shadows of paradise lost. Stoopid westerners.