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Why Women are Evil
  1. Time = Money ("Time is money")
  2. Money = sqrt(Evil) ("Money is the root of all evil")
  3. Women = Money x Time (bull)
  4. Women = Money2 (substitution with 1 and 3)
  5. Women = (sqrt(Evil))2 (substitution with 2 and 4)
  6. Women = Evil (simplification of 5)

This "proof" has come up several times in the past few years of my life; every time, I've entirely disagreed with it [I'm sure the fact that I'm female has something to do with it]. The logic itself is sound enough, but the third step, which is necessary, isn't true. I've gotten into a number of arguments with some of my friends over the truth of that statement ^_^. Anyway, the first time I saw it was on the board in my math class, ninth grade, and for the next week or so I'd write it anywhere I could get an empty board and a marker, and start arguments with anyone willing to argue over it [and I would argue both sides, depending on how the other person decided to go... if you know me, you know I love debate for the sake of debate ^^;;;]. More recently, one of my friends unearthed it and has been bringing it up fairly often; we even turned it in as an answer to a problem we hadn't solved within the time limit for a math competition, lol.