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To Read:
Why beer is better than Jesus
What kids think love is
Why women are evil
New chemical elements: Wo and Xy
That Lean and Hungry Look
Fuck the South - warning: offensive
Murphy's Law and Corollaries
High School Relationships
Calorie Rules and the Science of Weight Loss
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!
Fifty things women wish men knew
Quotes - lots of 'em
Two Cows - updated for... 2002?
Redneck - how to tell if you are one
Citroen - an ad for a French car
Signs - seen around town(s)
Christians - how many does it take to change a lightbulb?

To Do:
Hand and Foot (card game)
Rabbit and Sweater (knitting pattern)
Scottie Dog (knitting pattern)
Teddy Bear (knitting pattern)
Pig and Piglet (knitting pattern)

External links:
Funny Lists - tIck and I have wasted no small amounts of time on this site, both during lunches and at sleepovers ^^;;;
Toothpaste for Dinner - a collection of humorous pictures and ideas
30 second descriptions of Bush
Irony Central - hilarious descriptions of parenting, reasoning for geeks to work out, and so on
Platonic Friends - a hilarious[/depressing, pending how closely it hits you] site about not-so-platonic 'platonic relationships'
Tshirt Hell - a selection of hilarious [and some just offensive] Tshirts
Tshirt Humor - more hilarious Tshirts
The Straight Dope - "fighting ignorance since 1973 [it's taking longer than we thought]"
Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins - on a website I find amusing
Books by Michel Gagné - online picturebooks of a highly... intriguing nature. My personal favorite's "A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex"
Crapville - "the online community for retards"
Amber Forever - a rather amusing collection of ... online conversations
The Llama Song!
Who is Source - punch in an IP address [in the address bar], and it'll tell you a bunch of stuff about the person
Clock - a really cool clock that has all the numbers and they get rewritten by a hand
Rainbow Trip - a trippy, no-sense big flash "game"
Numa Numa - the hit movie of the guy dancing to Dragosta Din Tei
Unofficial Guide - to Stanford! Special interest, yes, but it's my interest, so...
Guitar Chords - ditto about being special interest ^^;;; but I'm betting a slightly wider interest than Stanford... ::halo::
Travelling - a guy travels the world on a motorcycle.

Or go take some of these online quizzes that I've wasted no small amounts of time taking, so that I can laugh and not be the only one who's wasted all that time:

Recent Quizzes
Old quizzes
Older quizzes
Even older quizzes
Even older older quizzes
Ancient quizzes
More ancient quizzes

*zmylez* quotes to date:
"Infinite monkiez!"
"Maturity is overrated."
"She was a boy, he was a girl."
"Come to the llamas?"

No, I'm not crazy... just **cRiMiNaLlY iNsAnE** (BOB)!!!!!!