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Oh, yes! My two favorite subjects of controversy, combined! Ha! Really, though, I intend for this part of the site to be something to add a little more to the internet (since I could find absolutely nothing on the subject when I was running the search), specifically, a look at the way different religious/cultural traditions treat sexuality, including genderization, rituals such as marriage and coming of age that involve sexual milestones (ritual raping of females for the passage between "girlhood" and "womanhood"), and their views of the act of sex itself.

Note that I don't exactly have much of stubstance yet. Eh, sorry. I'll work on this when I get time...

Or: How the two most powerful influencers of human behaviour through the ages influence one another.


Notes I took while reading "Oldest Profession"
Promiscuity: Two Articles
Notes taken while reading "History of Sex"
Notes taken while reading "No Small Courage: a History of Women in the United States"
Lap Dancing - a how-to guide
Notes - from Human Accomplishment, musing on why there's fewer historically significant women

Recommended Reading (and my major sources)

The Oldest Profession: A History of Prostitution by Lujo Bassermann
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (a novel, but I've been told it's historically fairly accurate)
Geisha by Liza Dalby
History of Sex by Reay Tannahill