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Iran: Timeline of Historical Events
From Elton L. Daniel's "The History of Iran," pp xiii-xvi

ca. 4000BCBronze Age settlements (Sialk, Hasanlu, Hissar)
2700-1600BCElamite Kingdom
ca. 728BCDeioces founds Median Kingdom
ca. 550BCCyrus defeats Astyages
522-486BCDarius the Great
331BCAlexander the Great defeats Darius III at Gaugamela
ca. 238BCRevolt of Arsaces, the Parthian king
AD224Ardashir defeats and kills Artabanus V
260Shapur I captures Roman emperor Valerian
528Khosrow I crushes the Mazdakites
ca. 570Birth of the Prophet Mohammad
608-22The "Great War" between Sasanians and Byzantium
637Battle of Qadesiyya
642Battle of Nehavand; Iran under Islamic rule
651Murder of last Sasanian king
747Abbasid Revolution in Khorasan
819-1005Samanid dynasty in eastern Iran
945Buyids occupy Baghdad
1040Battle of Dandanqan
1055Seljuks capture Baghdad
1092Assassination of Nezam-al-Molk
1219Beginning of Mongol invasion
1258Hulegu sacks Baghdad; kills caliph
1295Ghazan Khan converts to Islam
1380-93Conquests of Timur (Tamerlane)
1501Shah Esmail founds Safavid kingdom
1514Ottomans defeat Safavids at Chaldiran
1587-1629Shah Abbas the Great
1722Afghan invasion and siege of Isfahan
1736-47Nader Shah
1750-79Karim Khan Zand
1797Establishment of Qajar dynasty
1804-13First Russo-Persian War
1813Treaty of Golestan
1826-28Second Russo-Persian War
1828Treaty of Turkmanchai
1833Death of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza
1848Appointment of Amir Kabir as prime minister
1851Dar-al-Fonoun college founded in Tehran
1852Murder of Amir Kabir
1856-57Anglo-Persian War
1872The Reuter Concession; cancelled in 1873
1891The Tobacco Protest
1896Assassination of Naser-al-Din Shah
1901D'Arcy Concession for petroleum and gas
1905Beginning of Constitutional Revolution
1907Anglo-Russian Convention on Iran
1908Mohammad-Ali Shah declares martial law and suspends First Majles
1909Formation of Anglo-Persian Oil Company
1911Russian ultimatum and intervention; collapse of Second Majles
1919Abortive Anglo-Persian Agreement
1921Coup d'etat by Reza Khan and Zia-al-Din Tabatabai
1925Constitutent Assembly votes to establish monarchy under Reza Shah
1936Veiling of women outlawed
1938Completion of Trans-Iranian Railway
1941allied occupation; abdication of Reza Shah
1951Mosaddeq becomes Prime Minister
1953Mosaddeq overthrown in coup d'etat
1955Iran joins Baghdad Pact
1959Defense agreement with the United States
1962Inauguration of the "White Revolution"
1963Religious protests; Ayatollah Khomeini exiled
1967Coronation of Mohammad-Reza Shah
1971Celebration at Persepolis of 2,500 years of monarchy in Iran; Tehran agreement on oil prices
1973Mohammad-Reza Shah announces steep increase in price of oil
1978Riots and demonstrations lead to "Black Friday" massacre
1979Mohammad-Reza Shah leaves Iran; Khomeini returns; beginning of hostage crisis; Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran adopted
1980Bani Sadr elected president; beginning of Iran-Iraq War
1981American Embassy hostages released; Khomeini removes Bani Sadr from office
1983Tudeh (Communist) Party banned; consolidation of clerical power completed
1988Khomeini accepts cease-fire in Iran-Iraq War
1989Condemnation of Salman Rushdie; ouster of Ayatollah Montazari; death of Khomeini
1993Re-election of Hashemi Rafsanjani as president
1997Election of Mohammad Khatami as president
1999Student demonstrations and mass protests in Tehran
2000Elections for new Majles result in victory for "reformist" slate