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Timeline of the Ancients


Religion and Sexuality

Regions of Japan
Japanese Buddhism
Japan's Prime Ministers
Japan's Emperors and Empresses
National Holidays and Festivals
Timeline of Japan
Japanese Food and Drink
Common Family Names (.xls file)
Amazing Japan (.pdf file) - a newsletter (from October 2004) with stuff like recommended links, a haiku-of-the-month, and articles on proverbs and education

Timeline of Historical Events
Notable People
Important Terms

Chronology of Major Events
List of Dynasties and Rulers

Rulers and Monarchs
Chronology of Major Events

Catholic - mostly just about the saints
Yoga, Hinduism, etc.

External Links
How to wear a Sari
You know - you're assimilating well to life in India when...
History of Egypt
Karyukai - another girl obsessed with geisha's attempt at adding some info to the www [and check out Gaijin Geisha, too - this girl's taught herself how to make kanzashi, the hair ornaments o.OO]
Germany Info - The German Embassy's website
Japanese Clothing
Hunter-Gatherer Societies
Japanese Surnames
JET Program - a program taking English-natives as assistants in Japanese classrooms
         A Ton of Sites - about the JET program
Karneval - a page about the german festival season
People's Republic of China - a super-brief history
The Country & People of Somalia
Historical Timeline of Liberia
Iceland - a brief history
Geographia - bunches of cultural history-type stuff
France - during the Revolution and under Napoleon [a timeline]
Serbian Nationalism - Slobodan Milsosevic, and the origins of the Yugoslav war
Bush Meat Trade
Early Humans Ate Termites
All About Edible Insects
Hunter-Gatherer Diets
Medieval Sourcebook - Galerius and Constantine: Edicts of Toleration 311/313